Two further artists through to Norwegian second chance round

NRK has revealed that Skanksters and Johnny Hide, who came fifth place in their respective semi-finals, will be given a second chance to qualify for the final of Melodi Grand Prix. Out of the three fifth place entries, these two acts achieved better scores meaning that they are to join the line-up at the Siste Sjansen round in Sarpsborg on Saturday, where they will compete for two spots in the final.

On hearing the news in a phonecall from NRK, Johnny Hide said, "This is surprising. Now I just have to get my outfit and guitar out again. It's excellent to get a new chance".

The message from Skanksters, who first participated in Bodø was much the same: "This is completely fantastic! Great that we get a new chance to show ourselves off".

Johnny Hide and Skanksters will join six other artists who came third and fourth in their respective semi-finals to produce the following line up in Sarpsborg on Saturday:

  • Gaute Ormåsen - Synk Eller Svøm
  • Bjørn Johan Muri - Yes Man
  • Venke Knutson - Jealous Cause I Love You
  • Heine Totland - The Best Of Me Is You
  • Mira Craig - I'll Take You High
  • Karoline Garfjell - Tokyo Night
  • Johnny Hide - Rewind Love
  • Skanksters - Life Is Here Today

The final of Melodi Grand Prix 2010 will take place at Oslo Spektrum on the 6th of February. 

Update (11:45 GMT)

The format of the "Siste Sjansen" round has just been revealed by NRK, comprising the eight artists competing against each other in four "duels", each containing two acts. The winners of duels one and two, and two and three will then compete against each other in the second round, which will result in the two winners. These will then join the line-up in the final of Melodi Grand Prix.

The setup of the duels will be as follows:

- Duel nr 1: Skanksters vs Bjørn Johan Muri
- Duel nr 2: Gaute Ormåsen vs Heine Totland           
- Duel nr 3: Johnny Hide vs Mira Craig
- Duel nr 4: Karoline Garfjell vs Venke Knutson

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