Two Americans on stage for Germany

Today, the German delegation had another press conference, and for the first time, they presented the whole team that will represent Germany on stage in the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Dita von Teese, who will act as the Miss Kiss in the German stage act, only arrived in Moscow recently, and sombody else had to act as her double in the first German rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday. Today, she will rehearse her act for the first time.

Alex Christensen himself hosted the press conference, thanking everyone for showing up. The first question went to Dita, asking about her connection to Germany as an American lady. She explained that actually her first overseas trip went to Germany, and she was very excited to represent just that country in Moscow. When she was asked if she didn't consider herself to be too hot for a song contest, she replied that, in fact, her show won't be too risqué but rather hot in a good way. Moreover, she told the press that she didn't consider herself to be the main person in the stage act, and she would just support Alex and Oscar, who could even win without her, having a terrific song. Dita admitted that she hadn't heard about the Eurovision Song Contest before she was asked to take part in the stage act of Alex Swings Oscar Sings, but now it was a whole explosion of excitement for her, as the contest seemed even bigger than she thought before.

When the team was asked if they had invited Dita because they considered their song too weak to work without an elaborate stage act, they denied it. Alex explained that their goal was to entertain the TV viewers, and if you sing about a Miss Kiss Kiss Bang, you had to present her on stage as well. Oscar added that their song was about style, class and sexiness, and that Dita von Teese fits all these attributes very well. Later on, he admitted that he met Dita for the first time only today, when he came out of his dressing room!

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