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Twitter announces exclusive emojis ahead of Eurovision 2017

30 April 2017 at 07:54 CEST
The stage of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Ola Melzig
In an exciting new development for 2017, the Eurovision team has worked with Twitter to create a series of exclusive emojis that will be going live at different times throughout the competition.

Starting today, when you use #ESC2017 and #Eurovision on Twitter, the traditional Eurovision-heart emoji will accompany your hashtag.

During the Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony on Sunday 7th May, for the first time ever, a Eurovision slogan will activate an exclusive emoji, so make sure you use #CelebrateDiversity in your tweets!

Finally, during the live broadcasts of the Semi-Finals and Grand Final, you can let your Twitter followers know who you’re giving your 12 points to. Just use the special #12Points or #douzepoints hashtags to activate the emoji!

Follow the official Eurovision account on Twitter and share your excitement around all things Eurovision by using our hashtags: #ESC2017, #Eurovision, #CelebrateDiversity, #12Points and #douzepoints and enjoy the exclusive, limited edition emojis.