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TWIN TWIN: "A French song with an international message"

09 May 2014 at 20:47 CEST

TWIN TWIN were not nervous today, despite the Jury Final getting closer: "What's 'the nerves'? We want to make the show tonight - it will be a great show tonight!"

"The rehearsal was wonderful - this one was very cool. It will be great tonight", they said about the first dress rehearsal.

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The French singers are having a good time in Copenhagen even when they are not on stage: "We visited Eurovision Village, and it was a rainy day but just when we started our performance, the rain stopped and the sun started shining. We hope to manage the same tonight with our audience. We also had a great gig at the EuroCafé, it was very hot and after it I looked like I had had a shower."

"We have our new album out, Vive La Vie, and you can buy it already on iTunes. We are always on gigs, and we are working on our new songs - we always write them ourselves", they stated on their current activities.

"Frédéric Valencak, the Head of the French delegation, contacted us and he told us: 'You are great! Can you send in a song?' - And so we did! In the end there was a national selection, and the public decided that it should be us. Our main goal was to have a song in French, but the message should still come across even to those people who don't speak the language, and I hope we managed."

"We've met the Russian Tolmachevy Twins today for the first time in the afternoon, and they are really cute. But as you can see, we are not really twins", they told about their fellow contestants.

"I love Iceland, especially their moves", one of the band members, Patrick Biyik, added - continueing with a spontaneous dance on the press stage!

"We made a show for kids at the Théâtre de Châtelet in Paris - actually we do a lot of things: We write our songs, we do the videos. So, we were very happy when they asked us to write a special story about kids. It ended up being a great show, with a lot of kids, and it was a great day", they reported about their recent activities.