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TWiiNS (Slovakia) 2nd press conference

Posted 6 May 2011 at 19:56

Head of Press Alon Amir is full of praise for the Eurovision Song Contest so far. “We’re having an amazing time on stage and are blessed to be working with such a crew, so we’re very happy.”
The identical twins, who moved to Los Angeles last year, will be wearing two dresses designed by Lucia Senášiová, who’s based there too.
The delegation has a great sense of humour, Amir points out. “We got a nickname thanks to our great looking women and I can say that we love it. We’re now called Slowfuckia.” How do they respond? “We say ‘We’re going to slowfuckya.’” Bantering in good humour is part of the Eurovision Song Contest, as it seems.
The delegation is asked what they’ve got planned before they appear on stage. “We’re going to party, party, party!” says Veronika. And they will be on stage at 2 pm during the Dusseldorf Marathon, performing I’m Still Alive and a cover of the famed song Boys, boys, boys.
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