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TWiiNS (Slovakia) 1st press conference

Posted 3 May 2011 at 17:17

Today in the Esprit Arena, the TWiiNS felt very proud to be representing their country. As they explain, their song name I'm Still Alive is about surviving, which is rooted less in their personal history than in the history of their country. As one delegation member explained: "For a small nation, it is very important to survive. So the song is about the passion for surviving." Their video includes footage of proud national athletic victories in soccer and hockey, as well as the difficult "downsides" their people have faced as a nation.
The TWiiNS literally come across as two peas in a pod. They claim to have a very harmonious relationship both on and off-stage, with identical tastes in music, and neither of them has any intention of ever pursuing a solo career. Daniela: "I think it has no meaning for us to sing separately...we just think together!" Only their personalities are different: "I'm more of the leader in normal life and Veronica is more the leader on stage. I'm more introverted and she's more extroverted."
With their team attitude and strong talent, the TWiiNS are doubly sure to do well in Eurovision 2011!
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