TWiiNS keeping Slovakia's hopes alive

How to identify the TWiiNS

The TWiiNS from Slovakia are constantly asked one particular question. Is there a way to separate them from each other?'s Gustav Dahlander asks Daniela backstage prior to the second Slovak rehearsal.

 I'm taller than Veronika, and she has a birthmark on her cheek on the right side. Also, I think I'm more introverted, and Veronika is more of an exhibitionist

An easier way for the viewer to identify the TWiiNS is that Daniela is wearing gold and Veronika silver.
As for the stage presentation, it is a work in progress. "We think that things will be different from the first rehearsal today, we hope it will be better."

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Gold and white on stage

Joining the TWiiNS on stage are two female backing singers who are also wearing gold and white, a drummer and a pianist. The TWiiNS are wearing very elegant dresses with Daniela in gold and Veronika in silver. 

The stage feel is very warm and elegant, with white and gold shapes on the LED screens. There are spot lights flashing throughout.

The TWiiNS give a confident and strong vocal performance again today

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Very happy with rehearsals

At the press conference, Head of Press Alon Amir commented upon the team's satisfaction at their second rehearsal "We are very happy and pleased with the second rehearsal. We are blessed to be working with such a good crew. It was even better this time. We only changed some fine tuning issues, and of course showed the dresses but we are more than happy."

The TWiiNS have participated before in the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2008 when they backed Tereza Kerndlova from the Czech Republic. When asked about this Daniela said "We haven't really seen or heard much from Tereza, as we moved to Los Angeles last year, we did meet her at Beyonce's concert though."


Party time

The TWiiNS are not nervous at all about their performance, and when asked about what they intended to do over the coming days before their Semi-Final performance Veronika and Daniela said "Party, party and more party! We will be performing at the Düsseldorf marathon on Sunday, but actually being more serious, we have to rest our voices ready for Thursday night."

The TWiiNS gave an acapella performance of I'm Still Alive before closing the press conference to pose for photographs.

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