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TVR announces Romanian finalists

Posted 11 November 2010 at 12:35

Doing it some 5 days earlier than planned, TVR released the lucky 13-name list of the songs that will be competing for the opportunity to represent their country at Europe's favourite TV-show next year.
The chosen ones are as follows (with points by the professional jury)
  1. Hotel FM - Change - 97 points Written by Gabriel Băruţă
  2. Direcţia 5 - Cinema Love - 97 points Written by Marian Ionescu
  3. Laurentiu Cazan - We Can Change The World - 90 points Written by Laurenţiu Cazan
  4. Bogdan Dima - Bang Bang - 89 points Written by Mihai Alexandru
  5. Elena Leticia Moisescu - Dreaming Of You - 89 points Written by Play And Win
  6. Dan Helciug - My Facebook Girl - 89 points Written by Dan Helciug
  7. Dragoş Chircu + Anthony Ikwuagwu Uchenna - Open Your Eyes - 89 points Written by Cristian Faur
  8. Jakab Noemi, Miciu Elena, Stamiloiu Cristina - Take Me Down - 86 points Written by Berehoi Alexandru, Sergiu Gelu Ene
  9. Blaxy Girls - It's So Fine - 83 points Written by Costi Ioniţă
  10. Adrian Cristescu - One By One - 82 points Written by Adrian Cristescu
  11. Dalma Kovacs - Song For Him - 82 points Written by Liviu Elekes
  12. Silvia Ştefănescu - I Can't Breathe Without You - 81 points Written by Elvin Dandel
  13. Claudia Pavel - I Want U To Want Me - 80 points Written by Andrei Filip, Johan Kjell Fransson, Pontus Mats Assarsson, Mikael Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren Lars
Among the names of the composers we find Play And Win, a dance-music trio which are some of the leading music producers in Romania, responsible, for example, for the international hits of Inna and we also find Cristian Faur, who wrote Romania's entry in 2005 Let Me Try for Luminita Anghel & System and came 3rd in the Final in Kiev. Some of the artists also return to Selecţia Naţionala, like Hotel FM, Laurentiu Cazan, Blaxy Girls or Dalma.
This year, Romania will have their national selection on the last hours of 2010 and the first hours of 2011. The show itself will be hosted by their 2010 entrants, Ovi and Paula Seling.
The winning composer will be awarded this time a BMW series 3. It is for the second year that the national selection winner - the composer - gets a car.
Romania's entry, Playing With Fire, finished third in Oslo, giving the nation their best placing ever at Europe's favourite TV-show.
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