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TVR announced Romanian semi-finalists

09 January 2009 at 17:17 CET

The lucky ones, chosen by a jury of 11 specialists, are:

  1. Tina - Pleacă - Written by Cornel Ilie
  2. Zero - Sunny Days - Written by Radu Bolfea, Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac 
  3. Elena Gheorghe - The Balkan Girls - Composed by Laurenţiu Duţă, Ovidiu Bistriceanu, Daris Mangal, lyrics by Laurenţiu Duţă and Alexandru Pelin
  4. Tabassco - Purple - Composed by Norbert Kovacs, lyrics by Ion Faghiura and Norbert Kovacs
  5. Adrian Molnar - Go On - Composed by Norbert Kovacs, lyrics by Florin Dumitrescu, Norbert Kovacs and Ion Faghiura
  6. Juan Xavier - Perdoname - written by Ionuţ Botea
  7. Nico & Moni-K - Disco Maniacs - composed by Laurenţiu Matei, lyrics by Monica Mândrescu
  8. Red Blonde - Nu Am Cu Cine - Composed by Marius Moga & Anthony Valentino Negoiţă, lyrics by Marius Moga
  9. Cătălin - Stop - Composed by Eduard Cîrcotă, lyrics by Cristian Hriscu - Badea
  10. Costi - Can You Forgive - Composed bu Costi Ioniţă, lyrics by Ruxandra Iliescu
  11. Irina Popa - I Feel Your Presence - Composed by Adrian Ordean, lyrics by Harko Boti
  12. Alin Nica - Don't Leave - Written by George Hora
  13. Popas Band - Strigă - Written by Marius Popa
  14. Etnic - The Love Is The Life - Written by Daniel Lăzărică
  15. Besa Kokedhima - Nothing Gonna Change - Written by Sebastian Badiu
  16. Alexa - A Girl Like Me - Composed by Radu Bolfea, Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac, lyrics by Alexa
  17. Floriana Pachia - Take The Chance - Written by Floriana Pachia 
  18. Adina Drăgoescu - Everyday - Composed by Marius Pop, lyrics by Adina Drăgoescu
  19. Cristina Şchiopu - You Are My Love - Written by Cătălin Huţanu
  20. Blaxy Girls - Dear Mama - Composed by Costi Ioniţă, lyrics by Ruxandra Iliescu
  21. Dalma - Love Was Never Her Friend - Written by Marius Moga
  22. IMBA - Round & Round - Composed by Costi Ioniţă, lyrics by Oana Radu
  23. Romeo Zaharia - Someone Like You - Composed by Romeo Zaharia, lyrics by Mihaela Barbu
  24. Alexa - One Last Night - Written by Cornel Ilie

A total of 177 entries were heard, 32 were disqualified before the jury heard them. For three days, between the 11th and the 13th of January, TVR will film the video clips for each qualified competitor. The 24 semi-finalists will first take the stage on the 27th and 29th of January, followed by a final on the 31st of January. The 12 finalists and the Romanian participant for the Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen by a jury and TV-viewers..

Romania achieved the 20th place in the last edition of the world's favorite song contest with Nico & Vlad's Pe-o Margine De Lume.