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Turkish representative to be announced soon

Posted 28 September 2009 at 11:25

After many rumours and speculation in Turkish and international media, the broadcaster TRT has released a statement to the press, saying they will name their choice soon.
"We have already started the process to select the best artist to represent Turkey. TRT extends invitations to artists after taking into consideration the opinions of TRT music experts. No proposals have been made so far to any artists for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest and the "news" reported on certain media is not true. It is damaging to the contest to publish such news about artists who are not even on TRT's agenda," the broadcaster states, according to the fan portal
As it's been the past years, after announcing the artist, the candidate will be asked to submit three songs to the broadcaster and they'll make the final decision.
Turkey finished fourth this year at the 54th edition of Europe's favourite TV-show with Hadise's Düm Tek Tek.
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