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Turkish party highlights

09 May 2009 at 15:02 CEST

Guests were welcomed at the entrance to the Euroclub and handed T-shirts, baseball caps, specially made tambournies and Turkish delight and dried apricot. The delegation then all took to the stage and introduced their team and of course singer Hadise.This was the most well attended event to date at the Euroclub. Hadise began by performing her entry Düm Tek Tek. Following that she performed another of her hits to a tremendous reception from the audience.

Other performers who performed on stage included Belgium's Patrick Ouchene, The Toppers from The Netherlands, Chiara from Malta and Petr Elfimov from Belarus. Aysel and Arash from Azerbaijan performed part of their song Always in acapella also.

During the rest of the evening, YouTube clips were shown of people who sent their own versions of  this was followed by a fashion parade. The party was rounded off by Hadise once again performing Düm Tek Tek.

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After the party Hadise talked briefly to and said that she didn't feel any pressure necessarily that Turkey has never failed to reach the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. She adds "There is a lot of competition, but I will do the best I can, sing well live, show our moves and I hope that people will appreciate that and vote for us."

Hadise tells us her team is multi national, "The guys backing me are from Belgium and The Netherlands, the two dancers are from Russia although the male dancer is Turkish by birth. It's a real multi cultural line up!"

Regarding the party, Hadise was pleased with how it went. "Some of these parties are quite weird, as it started really early in the evening for us tonight, I had a great time and the crowd were fantastic, I remember the first evening Euroclub opened and it was almost empty, but tonight it was much fuller."

Irrespective of what happens in Moscow, Hadise said she has recorded an English language album, and a Turkish one. They are both released in May and directly after the contest she will be busy recording two new videos.