Turkey's ready to Live It Up on stage

The dancer in the globe remains

Right before going on stage Yüksek Sadakat's lead singer Kenan Vural cheered the organisation in Düsseldorf. "It's amazing, very professional," he said.

We didn't notice any major changes in their stage show since the first rehearsal. "We didn't actually change anything, the dancer encaged in the globe remains, but now we know better what to do. We rented a large room at our hotel after Sunday so that we can practice".

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One of the choreographers for Live It Up is the Canadian Nathalie Suzanne, who participated in the Turkish stage show in 2010 as the human robot. "We talked to the guys in maNga, who worked with her last year, and they said that she is really great. So we called her, and some really bright ideas came from her side".

 Our show matches with the words of the song

Last night the Euroclub in Düsseldorf was filled with a Turkish atmosphere, as their broadcaster TRT kindly invited the rest of the delegations to the first big social event of the year.

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The feast turned out to be a kind of improvised concert with the band and several of the attending artists who got up on stage to perform their entries. At the end, the stage was filled with a long list of this year's stars surrounding their hosts Yüksek Sadakat.

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The press conference

During their second press conference they joked with the fact that for the rest of their stay in Düsseldorf they'd have to some other parties.

A journalist raised attention to Kenan's comment from the previous press conference that he was on a diet: "It just feels better when I eat less".

The Eurovision Song Contest enjoys a healthy popularity in Turkey. The members of the band still recall the first ever Turkish entry in 1975, Seninle Bir Dakika by Semiha Yanki. "We loved it even if it came last!" From other countries they mainly liked Waterloo and Fairytale.

Then they went on to perform a very well received acoustic version of Live It Up. "After Eurovision we will have some vacation and then release our third album where we'll probably include this version".

To put an end to their chat with the press they were asked about the fact that Turkey is sending pop-rock bands lately and getting high positions in the contest, Athena in 2004, Mör Ve Ötesi in 2008, maNga last year and now Yüksek Sadakat. They think it's because rock bands are more unique as they write and arrange their own stuff, while pop singers depend on a team behind them. "I'm hoping that's the reason why Turkish Television is sending this kind of songs".

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