Turkey presents song at 18:00, watch LIVE!


The Turkish broadcaster, TRT, made it especially exciting this year. They let the media speculate a long time about the possible Turkish participants for Europe's favourite TV-show but then, in the end, surprised everyone when they picked maNga. The MTV Best European Act award winner wasn't much speculated about in the media but it was their popularity and professionalism why TRT picked them.

To see what the band thought about this decision, check out what maNga said about the Eurovision Song Contest in our article.

Then it's been very quiet once again, until today when at a special press event the band will finally reveal the song they've chosen to perform in Oslo. The show will be partly televised but most importantly, webcast right here on!

You can see it in our ESCTV player's Turkish song presentation programme, starting from 18.00 Central European Time (19.00 Eastern European Time and 17.00 GMT). 

Last year, at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Turkey finished fourth with Hadise's Düm Tek Tek. How will maNga follow that? Judge for yourself today, when you see the song for the first time in our webcast of the Turkish song selection.

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