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Turkey: Hearts, pyros and a wind machine

03 May 2009 at 16:56 CEST

The Turkish representative in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Hadise, performed her song Düm Tek Tek together with three female and two male backing dancers in her first rehearsal today. They started the performance kneeling on the stage floor. After that, it turns into a very powerful act including both elements of modern dance and traditional belly dancing. Later on, one of the male backing vocalists starts to dance together with Hadise, and he even lifts her up at the end of the song! The LED screens in the back of the stage visualize the lyrics of Düm Tek Tek, showing big red beating hearts. Not only a wind machine was used, but also pyrotechnical effects, both in the beginning and in the end of the performance.


Hadise took her first steps in music participating in Pop Idol in 2003. Being discovered here, her first professional work, the single Sweat was a chart success and gained interest from the audience. Six months later her second single Stir Me Up was released. This was the song that earned recognition for Hadise in Turkey. Released in September 2005, Milk Chocolate Girl became Hadise’s third single. Including these three singles and a fourth one Ain’t No Love Lost, the first studio album Sweat was completed in the same year. The success of this album and the amazing reception of the next single A Good Kiss brought victory for Hadise at the most important music awards in Belgium TMF Awards. In the Best Urban National category Hadise was the winner in both 2006 and 2007.The second self-titled studio album was released in June 2008, including the singles A Good Kiss and My Body alongside Deli Oğlan and Aşkkolik which both went on to be huge hits in Turkey.

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In the Turkish press conference, Hadise was asked if she would record a Turkish version of Düm Tek Tek some time in the future as well. She replied that, given the fact that the original English version of her song was already very popular in Belgium and in Turkey, she did not want to change anything in it. After her performance today, Hadise was asked if it wasn't unusual for a Turkish woman to appear on stage in a sexy way. She denied that, though, explaining that a lot of people all over Europe imagined Turkey to be totally different as it really is, and that everyone should visit Istanbul to see how Turkish women really dress, behave, and feel.

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