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Turkey: A rock band with a dancer encaged in a globe

Posted 1 May 2011 at 14:38

As you would expect it from an experienced rock band, the Turkish representatives Yüksek Sadakat showed a convincing and powerful rehearsal today. The band members - the lead vocalist, a drummer, a keyboard player and two guitar players - were joined on stage by a dancer trapped in a cage, which looked like a green globe. She wore a venetian mask and got the cage rolling over the stage with her movements.
The LEDs in the stage background showed small machines with fires appearing inside. Fitting the overall visual appearance, pyros in the shape of long flames appearing around the stage were used as well. Towards the end of the performance, different pyrotechnical effects looking like small spraying stars appeared.
Just before going on stage, the Turkish representatives Yüksek Sadakat were warming up, with one of the band members using a scooter! Some of the onlookers were worried for a moment, as the ambition is to keep the artists away from peril. But the band seemed relaxed. "We're fine. This is a regular day for us," they told Eurovision.tv. "At least it was a few hours ago ..."
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The band members started the press conference by introducing themselves, and they explained that their Eurovision Song Contest entry is actually typical for their style. Furthermore, they decided to enter an uptempo song as they had analyzed past successes in the contest. They also stated that they opted to sing their song in English rather than Turkish as it was more suitable considering the international audience of Europe's Favourite TV Show. When they were asked by an Australian journalist to explain the origin of the band's name, Yüksek Sadakat, they translated it as High Fidelity. Regarding their first rehearsal today, they said: "We are satisfied, just the fire of the pyros was quite hot." Furthermore, they said that they hadn't yet revealed every part of their Semi-Final performance in today's rehearsal, so stay tuned to find out more after the second rehearsal, on Thursday!
Founded in 1997 by songwriter and bass guitarist Kutlu Özmakinacı, Yüksek Sadakat released their self-titled debut album in January 2006. The success of the group continued with their second album Katil & Maktûl. Songs from that album made it to number 1 on the charts and airplays of many national radio stations. In May 2010, Yüksek Sadakat reached over 400,000 young people through its concerts in 14 universities. In addition to the concerts that continued throughout the year, the group started working on its third album and completed its studio work in December.
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