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City of Turin unveils EuroClub venues 🇮🇹

21 April 2022 at 17:05 CEST
Piazza Castello Città di Torino
The City of Turin has unveiled a portfolio of venues across town which will serve as official EuroClub spaces while the Eurovision Song Contest takes up residency in the city for two weeks in May.

Traditionally, the EuroClub has been a venue or set of venues organised by the Eurovision Host City, where those working on the event, as well as fans, press and delegations, can go during any downtime. These spaces offer the chance to either chill out during mid-afternoon with a cappuccino, or heat up around midnight with a Caipirinha. Everything from a dance floor to a dining table across which Eurovision’s guests can mingle with one another.

The venues are also used by delegations to host special events and concerts relating to their artists and songs. And if there’s a Eurovision-themed party or social gathering worth attending, it’s more often than not taking place here.

This year, it’s Turin’s turn to host the festivities, and they’ve elected no fewer than 10 venues that will act as official EuroClub spaces. What’s more, they’ve opened up access to everyone. Each of the venues will also offer discounts (of at least 10% compared to usual rates) to accredited badge holders throughout the core two weeks of Eurovision-related frivolity in the city, 30 April to 14 May.

These are the only official EuroClubs in Turin, so here’s your guide to where the most happening happenings will be happening while you’re in town.

You’ll find Citi Zēni in the veggies aisle at Supermarket Club


A historic nightclub in Turin, Pick-Up Dal 1971 has long been a popular location for club nights of an eclectic mix of styles and genres. The beloved night spot is open late and its dance floor has played host to a broad selection of events, parties and DJ sets down through the years.

Located behind Parco Dora, between corso Grosseto and corso Potenza, the Supermarket Club was conceived especially for live music, but also hosts special evenings, artistic performances and multimedia events, from theatre to literature and music.

Coffee Bars

Located on the top floor of Green Pea, regarded as the first Green Retail Park in the world, Otium Pea Club houses a lounge bar which is open from morning until late at night, and is a unique event space in the city, with a focus on wellness and relaxation.

Find peas and tranquility at Otium Pea Club

BAUHAUS is a multifunctional space located in the courtyard of the Paratissima Art Gallery, under the Mole Antonelliana and behind the Teatro Regio. A bar, bistro and mingling area, it hosts cultural happenings and is traditionally dedicated to the arts.

Located near Via Lagrange, in the city centre, One Apple offers simple and natural food in fresh and colourful architecture in the heart of Turin’s downtown. Its name was born from the motto 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'.


Located in Lavazza’s headquarters, Nuvola, La Centrale is a former power plant built in 1897 by Turin engineer Ermenegildo Perini in the Aurora district, just a few minutes from Turin’s historic centre. The venue houses event spaces, regularly hosting cultural and entertainment events in an iconic location.

Snodo is a popular hub in Turin which locals flock to for DJ sets, a stylish cocktail lounge, socialising and haute cuisine.

BAUHAUS of Torino


At Eataly Lingotto, visitors get the chance to browse food markets, sample local flavours at delicacy stalls, and peruse a selection of dining options, with an outdoor space for special events.

Billed as ‘the starting point for discovering the flavours and aromas of the region' Osteria Lanterna is located in the San Donato area. A cosy, family-run establishment, open for lunch and dinner.


Mercato Centrale Torino is located in Porta Palazzo, the largest outdoor market in Europe. It offers 4,500 square metres across three floors and 28 artisans’ shops, a restaurant, a cooking school, a beer house, a café and a space dedicated to events.

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