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Tulia fire up the Eurovision stage with first rehearsal for Poland

04 May 2019 at 12:22 CEST
Poland 2019 first rehearsal Andres Putting
Tulia have fired up the Eurovision stage in Poland's first rehearsal with their indie-folk Eurovision entry ‘Fire of Love (Pali się)’. The 4 Polish band members are dressed in elaborate traditional outfits as they represent their country on the Expo Tel Aviv stage.

Tulia will take to the stage 4th in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday 14th May at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel.

Tulia is made up of 4 talented singers; Joanna Sinkiewicz, Dominika Siepka, Patrycja Nowicka and Tulia Biczak. The group perform a unique style of Polish folk called 'śpiewokrzyk'. Tulia's debut album already went platinum and Tulia will be hoping to take their incredible success beyond borders with their Eurovision Song Contest performance of Fire of Love (Pali się).

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What happens on stage?

The stage concept plays on the ‘Dare to Dream’ theme of triangles with white and red triangles lit up to make the most of the visual space and stage floor. The 4 singers stand in a circle on a rotating raised round platform to open the performance of Fire of Love (Pali się).

The 4-piece Polish indie-folk group perform wearing read tops and multi-colour frilled skirts. They also wear red veils to start the song along with breathtakingly striking gold traditional headwear with coloured ribbons falling from one side. After the official music video was shot in back and white, the explosion of colour in the staging of Poland’s entry is even more striking.

The background LED screen shows close-up pre-recorded video of the four singers in the band and as the song progresses we see red fire and burning yellow lights surrounding the stage, the singers move into position facing the audience with a 2 forward, 2 back arrangement as they perform their choreographed movements in perfect timing.

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