TRT: Tarkan not to represent Turkey in Oslo



Today the Turkish media, including Sabah and Internethaber, have reported that the singer Tarkan has already signed an agreement with the Turkish broadcaster TRT and will indeed represent the country in Oslo. Media reports say the contract will be announced next week.

Tarkan was born in Germany but has Turkish roots. Due to the themes in his music, he's been labelled the 'Prince of Pop'. He's sold more than 15 million albums worldwide by now an is world-famous for his hit Şımarık (Kiss Kiss). He's considered to be one of the most popular singers in Turkey and a 'living legend'. 

TRT is known for choosing popular singers to represent the country at Europe's favourite TV-show. This year in Moscow, the Belgian-Turkish artist Hadise took the stage for Turkey and finished fourth in the Final of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest with her Düm Tek Tek.

UPDATED: TRT has denied the story, exclusively to, saying 'there is no truth in this gossip'.


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