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Trijntje ignores the fuss about dress, wants to focus on her song

15 May 2015 at 13:35 CEST
Trijntje getting ready for her second rehearsal Andres Putting (EBU)
Is it us, or does Trijntje Oostehuis look even more stunning today, even though she has a more casual look this time? Maybe it's because she is looking forward to her second rehearsal, or her daring dress everybody was talking about – or both. "Yes, it seems people talk about my dress, but I find it a bit strange", Trijntje from The Netherlands said, hoping the fans and viewers will be more focused on her song. "I can hardly wait to get on the stage again for the second rehearsal", she added.

After she appeared at the first rehearsal in the Wiener Stadthalle wearing a black dress with an open front, 42-year-old Trijntje got even more media attention as the photos and video of her dress designed by Prince Charming (Tycho Boecker) from the Netherlands went viral on social media.

I've heard people are talking about it, but I find it strange and don't really understand it. I'm just not used to people talking about such things. I hope they will talk about the song again", Trijntje stressed.

That's probably the reason why she is not wearing the dress, which created so much fuss for her second rehearsal on the Eurovision stage, together with her four backing vocalists. Nevertheless, the Dutch musical sensation had a more casual outfit today: a long black dress, a leather black jacket, which she also replaced with a red one during the rehearsal and a black veil she had on for her first rehearsal.

I'm glad to be here", Trijntje underlined. "I'm aware of my responsibility, but I don't feel any pressure. We all have an equal opportunity to shine".
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Lights and all the LED elements in the background have had a black & white set up during today’s rehearsal, at least in the beginning of Trijntje’s performance of Walk Along. As soon as a chorus of the song starts, a shadow figure 'walking away' can be seen on the white screen. After that, the stage turns into a more colourful surrounding: blue, red and green lights follow the performance.

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Trintje: I didn't want to tease the press

"I have five more options. So, it's not decided what I will be wearing on the 19th of May yet. I didn't want to tease the press. But it's ok, I like it", Trijntje explained during her press conference at the Wiender Stadthalle.

"We are here to practice, which means we are still working on the visual concept of my performance", she added.

The Eurovision Song Concept is completely different in comparing to other events, concerts and competition, Trijntje Oostehuis had till now. "It's not really strange to have all the rules, it's just different. I want to make everything perfect and the clock is ticking", the Dutch contestant said.

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About the Eurovision, she heard a lot from Edsilla Rombley, who represented The Netherlands twice (1998 and 2007). "She told me to enjoy myself. We support each other a lot and I was really proud when she took part in Eurovision for the second time and I think she did great. (...) She was right, it's a lot of fun to be here."

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