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Trackshittaz: "Shake your problems away!"

29 April 2012 at 12:45 CEST

Trackshittaz were among the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest representatives who visited Amsterdam for Eurovision in Concert last weekend, and they took their time for a video interview for, which you can watch on Youtube:

"'Shake your booty' means 'Switch off your head'", Trackshittaz explain to us. "Just have a great time while dancing in the club!"

The two guys are definitely looking forward to Baku: "We admire the big stage, and we want to rock it!", they state in the video interview. "The most important thing is that we fill the stage", they add. "The meaning of your song is simply: shake your problems away!"

Also check out the following clip by Trackshittaz, where they tell more about their preparations for Baku, and their special relationship to tractors:

To learn more about Lukas Plöchl and Manuel Hoffelner, the guys behind Trackshittaz, check out their official participant profile right here on!