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Top 10 day trips from Turin, Italy

27 April 2022 at 11:00 CEST
Explore the Piedmont region, discovering white truffles, Roman ruins and more.

As Official Travel Partner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, knows a thing or two about our elegant host city. If you’re lucky enough to be in town for the contest, and are keen to explore more of Italy and its glorious Piedmont region, here are the best day trips from Turin.


The crescent-shaped and dreamily beautiful coastal region of Liguria (nicknamed the Italian Riviera) is a feasible day trip from Turin. Visit the Cinque Terre, a string of scenic villages with pastel-painted houses that decorate the hillside and harbours where colourful fishing boats bob in the Mediterranean. Or head to a local trattoria in the port city of Genoa to enjoy pesto pasta in the beloved sauce’s hometown. Head back to Turin or spend the night at Hotel Astoria in Genoa.


The town of Alba is just 50km from Turin and – though small – is arguably the gastronomic capital of Piedmont. Famous for its white truffles (and for being home to the Ferrero Rocher factory), it sits in the rolling vineyards of the Piedmont wine region’s renowned Barolo and Barbaresco areas. Check out Duomo di Alba (also Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, or Alba Cathedral), with its grand Romanesque facade looking out onto the Piazza Risorgimento. Be sure to dine out here; try the three Michelin-starred restaurant, Piazza Duomo, and its younger sibling restaurant (located in the same building), La Piola. Or enjoy yet more expertly done traditional Piedmontese food at Osteria dell’Arco. Head back to Turin or spend the night at Vincafè in the centre of Alba.


Ivrea may be known for its annual food-throwing spring carnival (aka the Battle of the Oranges, one of the world’s largest food fights), but it’s a delightful day trip from Turin at any time of year. Visit the town’s 4th-century castle and enjoy the view, amble along the riverside admiring the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) and stop for an Italian coffee with crostata in the historic centre before heading back to Turin. Or spend the night at Dora maison de charme in Ivrea.

The Barolo vineyards

For an idyllic day spent snacking on local specialities and sipping rich, robust wine, head to the town of Barolo. This cluster of terracotta rooftops and its surrounding vineyard-cloaked hills are known for the local nebbiolo grape variety, aged in oak barrels for at least two years. Book a tour of a local winery and be guided around the cellars, before a tasting including sampling local treats. Head back to Turin or spend the night at La Giolitta Bed & Breakfast in Barolo.

Susa Roman ruins

Just an hour’s drive (or direct train) west into the Alps from Turin, you’ll find the tiny town of Susa. Framed by magisterial mountains, this dainty and pretty place was once the capital of the surrounding province and a significant part of the Roman Empire. Today, visitors can still admire the well-preserved Roman city walls, aqueduct and amphitheatre, and the ancient and beautiful Arco D’Augusto (Arch of Augustus). Head back to Turin or spend the night at B&B Rocciamelone.

Sacra di San Michele

This extraordinary ancient abbey was built around 987 AD, perched at the top of Monte Pirchiriano with sweeping views of the Susa Valley. The high altitude means that the abbey’s Gothic-Romanesque spires are often shrouded in mist and cloud to otherworldly effect – but whatever the weather, it makes for a captivating day trip. Just 40km from Turin and easily accessible from the city, you can drive, catch the bus, or take a train and then a 90-minute hike. Head back to Turin to spend the night in your apartment at Le Tre Madame.

La Venaria Reale

Reopened in 2007 after a 10-year restoration project, La Venaria Reale is a lavish 17th-century palace and estate just outside of Turin. Tour the seemingly endless, stucco and fresco-filled baroque interior, before sunning yourself in the manicured 80-hectare gardens – there’s also an outdoor café for an aperitivo before you head back for dinner in Turin (which is a half-hour drive or a slightly longer train ride away) and to spend the night at the stylish VILLA ANNA Suite.

Lake Orta

To get a taste of Piedmont’s natural beauty, head out of the city to the Alpine Lake Orta. This lesser-known Italian lake is a peaceful enclave offering hiking along the shore, boat rides to the Isola San Giulio (a picturesque island right in the middle) and swimming and water sports in summer. Head back to Turin to spend the night at B&B Via Stampatori.

Basilica of Superga

Built on a hilltop just outside Turin, the 18th-century baroque Basilica of Superga is perfect for a brief escape from the city. For panoramic views of Turin and the Alps, you can get there by taking the Sassi–Superga tramway, a traditional (1934 original, in fact) railway that chugs you up the steep hillside. Be sure to book yourself onto a Basilica and Traditional Tramway Tour to make the most of your day out. And spend the night at the Turin Palace Hotel in the centre of the city.


Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, hardly needs an introduction. Host to some of the world’s most glamorous fashion weeks, as well as home to The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci, it’s a must-visit for culture- or design-appreciating day-trippers – and it’s only a 45-minute train journey from Turin, so you can easily return to Loca, a highly rated guesthouse in Turin’s Crocetta neighbourhood.