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Tonight: Who will triumph in Georgia?

19 February 2011 at 01:23 CET

This year's Georgian final sees a line up of seven excellent acts, who all have one wish; to represent their country at the 2011 edition of Europe's favourite TV show. 

Last year in Oslo, Sopho Nizharadze achieved an impressive 9th place at the final. In Düsseldorf all of tonight's competitors will surely want to match that or even better the result!


1: Soldier Song

Artist: Temo Sajaia.

Composer: Data Porchkhidze. Lyrics: Rati Amaglobeli

Temo, a Tbilisi native has a very musical background, having been educated at some of Georgia's top musical schools. He also studied law at univeristy and has competed in music competitions at home and abroad, including "Star Academy". 

2: Love

Aritst: Salome Korkotashvili

Composer: Salome Korkotashvili. Lyrics: Levan Svanishvili & Salome Korkotashvili

Salome has composed more than 50 songs and has performed at numerous concerrts and festivals throughout her career. She also plays the piano and studied to be a conductor at the Musical Gymnasium. In addition Salome took part in the Georgian selection in 2008. 

3: Face To Face

Artist: Sweet Pills

Composer: Zura Makhniashvili. Lyrics: Mari Manjavidze & Tako Jordania 

The backgrounds of each of the members of the group are very different, with each member offering their own dynamic:

Miriam has a varied background, having studied at the Musical Conservatory, being a graduate of International Relations from the Univeristy of Georgia and working as a television presenter. 

Nini graduated from school and went on to study in the Faculty of Law at the Gorgasali-Tbilisi University. She has also taken part in many modelling competitions, both at home and abroad. 

Salome graduated from university and like Nini has had a very successful modelling career, travelling to places like Tokyo, Moscow, Istanbul and Vienna. She also attended a musical school, studying the piano and singing. 

Teona has a very interesting background, having been a model and performer from a very young age. In addition, she has quite a CV of academical achievements, having attended art school and obtaining a degree from a banking and finance university. Currently she is studying at the Theatre and Film univeristy in Tbilisi.  

4: New Day

Artist: Dito Lagvilava & Group November

Composer: Lasha Mikautadze. Lyrics: Davit Mchedlishvili (Davi) & Dito Lagvilava 

Dito Lagvilava comes from the Georgian town of Sukhumi and could be described as an all-round musician. He not only writes his own music but also plays the guitar, drums and of course sings. He said that he would love to travel to London and that his unreliseable dream is to live in the middle ages. 

The band November are made up of talented musicians, all of whom have a similar background in music, attending theatre, film and musical schools. Have these talents in common should come in handy during tonight's final!

5: Rejected

Artist: Nini Shermadini

Music & Lyrics: Leonidas Chantzaras, Peter Ries, Paulini Curuenavuli  

Nini's musical endeavours are pretty impressive from when she graduated as a piano major from music school, to studying at the State University of Theatre and Cinema. Nini has also taken part in countless song contests including the Euro Folk Festival in Italy, which she won. She also reached the last 16 of the Greek version of the famous talent show, X-Factor in 2009. 

6: Love, Seen, Dreaming

Artist: The Georgians

Music & Lyrics: Giorgi Amashukeli 

The Georgians are seasoned performers and have give countless indoor and open-air concerts as well as winning the popular Band of the Year award at the Season One 2010 festival. The guys have also performed at charity concerts in Georgia and soon hope to release their first album. 

7: One More Day

Artist: Eldrine

Composer: DJ BE$$. Lyrics: DJ Rock & Mikheil Chelidze

This six piece band, with a self-penned song hopes to wow the audiences tonight and become Georgia's entry in Düsseldorf. The members all have different backgrounds, being able to offer something different to their song:

Tamar studied music at school, specifically as a vocalist and then went on to study Business Administration at the Baltic International Academy.  

Mikheil attended musical school where his studies focussed on playing the piano. He then studied Geology at university in Tbilisi. After this he was employed at a US based oil company before joining the band in 2010. 

Irakli studied Statistics at the University of Economics, working in politics in Georgia. He is also a keen political activist. However, he is very musical and was a member of the band BIOS, before joining Eldrine. 

David's career is very music, having studied music from school and into further education. He has also been a member of the bands REMA and BIOS, before joining Eldrine in 2010. 

Tamar is an incredibly talented pianist, having studied music and playing the piano from a young age. She also took part in various music competitions as well as being awarded a place at the State Conservatory before joining Eldrine. 

Beso has mainly worked in television since graduating from the Theatre and Film University. Since then he has had a number of TV related roles before becoming a full-time DJ in the club Bamba Rooms. He was also in the group, BIOS until establishing Eldrine and helping to compose One More Day. 


Unfortunately three acts have withdrawn from this competition, bringing the original line-up of 10 artists down to 7. 

The first two acts to withdraw were Boris Bedia and Keti Orjonikidze who left the competition for an unknown reason. 

Today, a favourite to win the competition, Tako Gachechiladze with her song It's OK withdrew from the Georgian final after coming down with flu according to broadcaster, GPB.