Tonight: The Swiss national final

Fourteen acts will fight for the ticket to Baku tonight in the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen, right on the border with Germany. The decision who will represent the Central European country in Baku will be taken solely by means of televoting, but three experts will comment on the live performances: TV presenter Nik Hartmann, actor and musician Carlos Leal, and singer Stämpf, known from the Battle of Choirs show on Swiss TV.

This is the line-up of tonight's show, which will be presented by Sven Epiney, in order of appearance:

  • Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves - Real Love
  • Emel - She
  • Chiara Dubey - Anima Nuova
  • Guillermo Sorya - Baby Baby Baby
  • Macy - Shining
  • Sosofluo - Quand Je Ferme Les Yeux
  • Atomic-Angels - Black Symphony
  • IVO - Peace & Freedom
  • Ze Flying Zezettes Orchestra - L’autre
  • Raphael Jeger - The Song In My Head
  • I Quattro - Fragile
  • Sinplus - Unbreakable
  • Lys Assia - C’était Ma Vie
  • Katherine St-Laurent - Wrong To Let You Go

Two of tonight's stars, Chiara Dubey and Sinplus, have been chosen in a televised preselection conducted by the Italian-language public broadcaster RTSI on November 8th. Three more have been selected by the French-language public broadcaster RTS: Sosofluo (pictured), Ze Flying Zezettes Orchestra, and Katherine St-Laurent. The remaining nine artists went through an online selection including more than 200 entries, organised by the German-language broadcasters SF and DRS.

Sosofluo took her time to talk to in between her rehearsals, and she told us about her performance: "I applied for the first time last year and decided to apply again this year as I noticed there would be a French selection. For tonight, I am hoping to touch the audience by my freshness, simplicity and will to give something from me. I chose to sing in french because I think it is a pride to speak French and that Switzerland could win eurovision with a song in French as we did with Celine Dion in 1988."

 See the show LIVE today on SF website starting from 20:05!

In the meantime, you can check out the official video clips of all 14 songs! The national final will also be broadcast live on the Swiss TV channels SF1 and La 2.

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