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Tonight: The premiere of Sergej's Moj Svijet

09 March 2014 at 03:28 CET

A world premiere of the song Moj Svijet (My World) is scheduled for tonight at 21:15 CET. In the meantime, RTCG revealed that a special TV show with Sergej Ćetković will be broadcast LIVE from the Hotel Splendid in Budva. This location is also know as a set for one of the James Bond movies (Casino Royale, 2006).

“It’s a really amazing feeling when something that you have been working on really hard is finally there, being done”, Sergej Ćetković said after a lot of time spent in the studio and all the shootings across the country, where he was filming some of the scenes for a video in the last few weeks.

“I guess you could describe Moj Svijet as a Eurovision song, but at the same time it represents me and my style. I am really excited but I don’t have any fears, because I think that the audience will accept this song very well”, explains this year’s representative of Montenegro, who will perform in the First Semi-Final on the 6th of May in Copenhagen.

Live from Budva

Sergej confirmed that his song was recorded in Belgrade, Serbia. It has two versions, as it’s being recorded in both, Montenegrin and English language. However, he still hasn't made the final decision as to which one he will perform in Denmark.

Besides a premiere of the song, those who will be following the LIVE webcast tonight (also here on at 21:00 CET (a day after Sergej's birthday), RTCG announced that during the broadcast, some “Making-of” material will be aired too.