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Tonight: the Opening Ceremony from Copenhagen City Hall

04 May 2014 at 13:30 CEST

Abdel Aziz Mahmoud will receive the guests as they arrive on the red carpet, whilst Ulla Essendrop and Peter Falktoft will commentate the show at the entrance of the City Hall.

They will also be joined by among others Emmelie de Forest, the hosts of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, Lise Rønne, Pilou Asbæk and Nikolaj Koppel; and Australian superstar Jessica Mauboy who will make a guest appearance at the second Semi-Final. 

“It’s going to be beautiful, festive and crazy”, promises Executive Producer, Pernille Gaardbo. 

“Many of the participants are huge stars in their home countries and very soon that is what they will become for all of us when they take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. On the red carpet, you can get a taste of who we will see participating in the three live shows next week”.

As early as 17:00, the host city will start warming up on the City Hall Square. Here, Bryan Rice will compere, DJs will play Eurovision Song Contest music, the Mayor Frank Jensen and Regional Council Leader, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen will make a speech and the Olsen Brothers, who won for Denmark in 2000, will perform. 

From 17:50 a live broadcast will follow the events on the red carpet – both on a big screen on the City Hall Square and on

The red carpet is the starting point for a series of live broadcasts right here on, culminating in the Grand Final next Saturday. 

Abdel will welcome the stars – but can he do it?

Abdel Aziz Mahmoud will be a man under pressure tonight. When he has finished hosting the last press conference at the B&W Hallerne at 16:50, he has exactly one hour until he has to be stood, changed, and ready at the City Hall Square, where he will receive the participants from 37 countries, as they arrive at the official Opening Ceremony to be held in Copenhagen’s City Hall.

“I have to change into a tuxedo, have my make-up done, and get in and manage to rehearse – and there cannot be any delays”, explains the busy host to DR during a quick break between press conferences.

Welcoming 37 countries

Logistics are not, however, the only challenge to be faced by Abdel tonight.

The well known DR personality also has to make sure his knowledge of all the countries, the participants and their songs is up to date. 

“This isn’t about me”

Joking aside: Abdel promises that he will deliver the good, when he welcomes all the Eurovision Song Contest participants welcome onto the red carpet tonight.

“There is a lot at stake for the participants, and I owe it to them to do my very best! But it is not about me at all, it is all about them”, explains Abdel Aziz Mahmoud in a more serious tone.

On Roller skates to the City Hall Square?

The logistics are still going to be a challenge for the charming host:

“I am really hoping that someone has booked me a taxi, otherwise I am going to have to put my roller skates on and skate down to the City Hall Square. 


Remember to join us from 17:50 CET for LIVE coverage of the Opening Ceremony, with a live feed on and extensive attention on social media.