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Tonight: The final of Böyük Səhnə

02 March 2014 at 02:57 CET

From the very beginning, the 14 contestants of Böyük Səhnə stayed in a special training camp where they prepared their entries, got vocal trainings, developed their music talents, had fun and made new friends. Now, the journey almost came to the end. The decision, who will represent Azerbaijan in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, will be taken tonight. Three finalists will enter the stage to give their best and get the ticket to Denmark: 

  • Khana Hasanova
  • Dilara Kazimova
  • Erkin Osmanli

About Böyük Səhnə

After a big success last year, the Azerbaijani talent show Böyük Səhnə became the national format for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. A lot of work and preparations have been done on this long way to the night’s final. The auditions for the show stared last year and took place in eight different cities of Azerbaijan. İTV, the official Azerbaijani broadcaster, got over 250 applications. And now only three strongest singers will compete in tonight’s final of Böyük Səhnə. All this time, the popular Azerbaijani TV presenters, Husniye Magerramova and Tural Assadov, accompanied the contestants on their way to the final.

Khana Hasanova

Khana Hasanova represented Azerbaijan at The Delphic Games 2013 in Novosibirsk where she took 4th place. She participated in the Azerbaijani national selection in 2011 and 2013. Khana has been practicing sport dancing, R'n'B and Hip-Hop for five years. She was a soloist in a choir. Now, she is a student at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, Faculty of Pop Vocal. Recently, she has released her first album.

Dilara Kazimova

Dilara Kazimova (29) studied opera singing at the Hajibeyov Baku Academy of Music. Her second education she got in the aerobics. She began singing at the age of four. Dilara was a member of the rock bands W/omen and Unformal, and the group Milk & Kisses. She participated in the Azerbaijani national selections in 2008 and 2010. Dilara was a prizewinner of The New Wave Contest in 2010. She loves animals and does not wear any fur.

Erkin Osmanli

Erkin Osmanli participated in the Azerbaijani national selection in 2011. He also takes part in some dance projects, writes songs and poems. His musical idols are John Lennon, The Beatles, Madonna and Mick Jagger.