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Tonight's winners draw their position in the Final

Posted 26 May 2010 at 0:32

In tonight's winners press conference, the ten qualifiers picked their draw positions for the Final. Here is the running order (including countries directly qualified for the Final; tonight's qualifiers in bold):
  1. from Semi-Final 2
  2. Spain
  3. Norway
  4. Moldova
  5. from Semi-Final 2
  6. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  7. Belgium
  8. Serbia
  9. Belarus
  10. from Semi-Final 2
  11. Greece
  12. The United Kingdom
  13. from Semi-Final 2
  14. from Semi-Final 2
  15. Albania
  16. Iceland
  17. from Semi-Final 2
  18. France
  19. from Semi-Final 2
  20. Russia
  21. from Semi-Final 2
  22. Germany
  23. Portugal
  24. from Semi-Final 2
  25. from Semi-Final 2
The first of tonight's qualifiers to answer a question from the press was Vukašin Brajić, representing Bosnia & Herzegovina. He was asked what the public could expect from him in the Final, and he answered that he gave only 90% tonight, but will give 120% in the Final.
Then it was the turn of Sun Stroke Project and Olia Tira from Moldova. They were asked what they would do if they win the Final. The lead singer of Sun Stroke Project said he would climb the highest building in Oslo and sing their song as loud as possible, and Olia Tira added: "Sorry, guys, we are just a little crazy."
Peter Nalitch and Friends, the Russian representatives, were asked about Peter's roots in the Balkans, and the singer explained that his grandfather actually came from Bosnia, and he was a singer too, but died already. He added that he was hoping to visit Bosnia soon as he had never been there.
The Greek representatives, Giorgos Alkaios and Friends, were asked if the title of their song, OPA, could be a motto for the whole of Europe to overcome the current political problems and the financial crisis. He stated that it would be wrong to mix politics and music, but he admitted that 2010 has been a tough year for Europe and he hoped that he would make the people happy with his song.
Filipa Azevedo from Portugal was asked if her qualifying for the Final could win back the trust of the Portuguese people after some mixed reactions after winning the national final by just a small margin. The Portuguese representatives stated that they were very happy, and they believed that they deserved their victory and they hoped the Portuguese people would support them on Saturday.
Alena and Artem were on the press conference stage to represent the band 3+2 from Belarus. They were asked if they had already received congratulations from the composer of their entry, Max Fadeev. They confirmed that he had called them just minutes after they qualified, and they thanked him for writing a great song for them.
The Serbian representative, Milan Stanković, was asked about his unique style and if he had any advice for young people who wanted to copy him. He said that the latter would actually make him very happy, and that there were already many teenagers in Serbia who got the same hairstyle as himself.
Tom Dice, representing Belgium, was asked if he had felt pressure to reach the Final. He said: "Yes, but I stayed calm. I worked for six months, and now everyone in Europe knows who Tom Dice is."
The Albanian singer Juliana Pasha stated that qualifying for the Final was the most beautiful moment in her life, and she felt that Europe had become one family tonight on stage.
Last to reply to the journalists was Hera Björk from Iceland. She was asked what moment in Eurovision Song Contest history she would change if she could. She replied that she would prevent Iceland from coming last in 2001, in Copenhagen, because it was the entry of one of her close friends, Kristjan Gislason.
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