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Tonight: Moldovan national final

28 February 2015 at 19:45 CET

A few tens of entries were sent in to the national broadcaster TRM to take part in the Moldovan national selection. After jury auditions and reviewings, and two semi-finals, only 16 singers were left. In tonight's show, the choice will be made by the joint decision (50/50) of TV viewers and the professional jury. The Moldovan final will be broadcast on and TRM official web site.

The finalists will perform in the following order:

  1. Miss M - Lonely Stranger
  2. Irina Kitoroagă - I’m Gonna Get You
  3. Eduard Romanyuta - I Want Your Love
  4. Dana Markitan - Love Me
  5. Diana Brescan - Up And Down
  6. Doinita Gherman - Inima Fierbinte
  7. DoReDos - Maricica
  8. Stela Boţan & The Cadence of Heart - Save Me
  9. Mihaela Andrei - About Love
  10. Lidia Isac - I Can’t Breathe
  11. Glam Girls - Magia
  12. Sunstroke Project & Dj Michael Ra - Day After Day
  13. Julia Sandu - Fire
  14. Serj Kuzenkoff - Danu Năzdrăvanu
  15. Marcel Roşca - Feelings Will Never Leave
  16. Valeria Paşa - I Can Change All My Life

16 finalists and their songs

If you still didn't decide who is your favourite, you can have a look at the artists and listen to their song during the rehearsals in the TRM studio.

Miss M - Lonely Stranger

Miss M's real name Anastasia Ursu. Miss M project started in 2012 in Moscow. She is not only singer but also songwriter - her Eurovision entry Lonely Stranger she wrote by herself. Last year, Miss M released two singles: Not Vogue and Nasty Summer. Now Anastasia and her team are working on her first album.

Song: Lonely Stranger

Music and lyrics: Anastasia Ursu

Listen: here

Irina Kitoroagă - I’m Gonna Get You

It's Irina's second try in the Moldovan national selection. In 2013, the singer participated in O Melodie Pentru Europa with her song L.o.v.e. Love but didn't win the contest.

Song: I’m Gonna Get You

Music: Music: Gicu Cimbir

Lyrics: Keith Almgren, Madelene Hamberg, Patrik Öhlund, Erik Anjou

Listen: here

Eduard Romanyuta - I Want Your Love

Eduard Romanyuta is a Ukrainian singer. He participated in the Ukrainian national selections several times in the past. This year, Eduard tries his luck in Moldova.

Song: I Want Your Love

Music: Erik Lewander

Lyrics: Hayley Aitken, Tom Andrews

Listen: here

Dana Markitan - Love Me

Dana Markitan is originally from Amursk, Russia. She sings pop, soft rock and jazz. Dana became known in Moldova through her participation in the reality show Moldstar Project. On her debut album Sandwich Blues, Dana worked together with the composer Boris Bantea.

Song: Love Me

Music: Patrik Öhlund

Lyrics: Madelene Hamberg

Listen: here

Diana Brescan - Up And Down

Diana Brescan is a Moldovan singer. Last year, she participated in the Moldovan national final with her song Hallelujah. 

Song: Up And Down

Music and lyrics: Eugen Doibani

Listen: here

Doinita Gherman - Inima Fierbinte

Most of her songs Doinita Gherman performs in ethno-rock. Doinita studied at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Arts in Chisinau.

Song: Inima Fierbinte

Music: Doina Gherman, Ricu Vodă

Lyrics: Doina Gherman, Cătălin Gondiu

Listen: here

DoReDos - Maricica

DoReDos is a Moldovan band consisting of one female and two male singers. Pavel Parfeni, the former Moldovan participant in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, is the writer and the co-composer of the song Maricica.

Song: Maricica

Music: Pavel Parfeni

Lyrics: Pavel Parfeni, Mihai Teodor

Listen: here

Stela Boţan & The Cadence of Heart - Save Me

Stela Boţan's first attempt on the "Eurovision stage" was in 2010, together with the band TODO. In 2013, Stela tried her luck with the song Inima Mea, but failed. This year, Stela joint forces with The Cadence of Heart. Her music is influenced by Linkin Park. 

Song: Save Me 

Music: Constantin Dușcu

Lyrics: Stela Boțan

Listen: here

Mihaela Andrei - About Love

Mihaela Andrei was chosen by the audience as the eighth finalist in the first semi-final.

Song: About Love

Music: Vitalie Catană

Lyrics: Gloria Gorceag

Listen: here

Lidia Isac - I Can’t Breathe 

Lidia Isac is lead vocalist in the band Glam Girls that also participate in this year's Moldovan national selection.

Song: I Can’t Breathe 

Music: Anton Ragoza, Serghei Stepanov

Llyrics: Mihai Teodor

Listen: here

Glam Girls - Magia

Glam Girls is a pop-rock girl group formed in 2013. It consists of Lidia Isac and Alexandra Druc.

Song: Magia

Music: Alexandru Gorgos

Lyrics: Alina Dabija

Listen: here

Sunstroke Project & Dj Michael Ra - Day After Day

Sunstroke Project is a Moldovan musical trio consisting of Sergei Yalovitsky (vocals), Anton Ragoza (violinist and composer) and Sergey Stepanov (saxophonist). The band is famous for representing Moldova in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, together with Olia Tira. This year, they joint their forces with Michael Ra.

Song: Day After Day

Music: Michael Ra

Lyrics: Elena Buga

Listen: here

Julia Sandu - Fire 

Julia Sandu was the eighth finalist chosen by the audience in the second semi-final.

Song: Fire

Music and lyrics: Calle Kindbom, David Wilhelmson, Philip Morris Åkerblad

Listen: here

Serj Kuzenkoff - Danu Năzdrăvanu

Serj Kuzenkoff will sing his song Danu Năzdrăvanu that means "Danu, the naughty".

Song: Danu Năzdrăvanu

Music: Veaceslav Daniliuc, Sergiu Cuzencov

Lyrics: Sergiu Cuzencov, Diana Enachii

Listen: here

Marcel Roşca - Feelings Will Never Leave

Marcel Roşca is singer and songwriter. Music and lyrics for his Eurovision song  Feelings Will Never Leave has been written by Marcel himself. The singer currently lives in Bucharest, Romania.

Song: Feelings Will Never Leave

Music and lyrics: Marcel Roşca

Listen: here

Valeria Paşa - I Can Change All My Life

It's not the first time Valeria Paşa tries her luck in the national selections in Moldova. In 2013, she sang Show Me Your Feelings together with Alex Mataev, but was eliminated from the semi-final.

Song: I Can Change All My Life

Music and lyrics: Valeria Pașa

Listen: here