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Tonight: Melodi Grand Prix goes big in Denmark!

26 February 2011 at 01:53 CET

The annual Melodi Grand Prix competition organised by Danish broadcaster, DR has become a fan favourite in Europe and is a television highlight in Denmark. There is a special focus on bringing together the varied and modern sounds of popular music in Denmark as well as taking a look back to the history of Melodi Grand Prix the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Tonight, we can expect an amazing show from Ballerup Super Arena, located just a short train journey from the centre of Copenhagen where 10 brilliant acts, each fielding a different sound will compete to represent Denmark in Düsseldorf on the 12th of May. 

The Acts

At we have previously covered all of the this year's participants in the Danish selection, where you can see the profiles of all the artist and song writers. 

All the songs can be heard at the official website of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Below are the names of all the songs, acts and song-writers taking part tonight:

  • New Tomorrow

    Artist: A Friend In London. Music/Lyrics: Lise Cabble & Jakob Glæsner
  • Sleepless (Wildcard)

    Artist: Anna Noa. Music/Lyrics: John Gordon, Lene Dissing & Peter Bjørnskov
  • Emma

    Artist: Christopher Brandt. Music/Lyrics: Christopher Brandt & Sisse Søby
  • Drømmen

    Artist: Jeffrey. Music/Lyrics: Jeffrey, Lasse Lindorff, Svend Gudiksen, Daniel Fält & Kim Nowak-Zorde
  • Let Your Heart Be Mine (Wildcard)

    Artist: Jenny Berggren. Music/Lyrics: Jeppe Federspiel & Thomas G:son
  • Black And Blue

    Artist: Kat and Justin Hopkins. Music/Lyrics: Patric Johnson, Joakim Övrenius & Justin Hopkins. 
  • 25 Hours A Day

    Artist: Le Freak. Music/Lyrics: Erik Bernholm, Henrik Sethsson & Thomas G:son
  • Hollywood Girl

    Artist: Lee Hutton. Music/Lyrics: Matilde Kühl, Sune Haansbæk & Ian Mack
  • You'll Get Me Through

    Artist: Sine Vig Kjærgaard. Music/Lyrics: Henrik Janson & Hanif Sabzevari
  • Hvad Hjertet Lever Af (Wildcard)

    Artist: Stine Kinck. Music/Lyrics: Pharfar, Rasmus Allin, Fresh-I & Stine Kinck

Tommy Seebach Tribute

Danish newspaper, has revealed that Eurovision Song Contest and Melodi Grand Prix veteran, Tommy Seebach will be remembered tonight in a special tribute when Kirsten Siggaard, Keld Heick and Dario Campeotto will perform Tommy's 1993 entry, Under Stjernerne På Himlen

Tommy Seebach died suddenly in 2003 and as Keld Heick said, "I'm so excited that he is finally getting the tribute he deserves!". Kirsten went on to say that, "I'm so happy and proud that I can be part of this tribute to Tommy". 

We too are looking forward to see how this iconic song will be performed by three of Denmark's most loved artists. 

Denmark will take part in the second half of the second semi-final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, taking part in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 12th of May.