Tonight: LiveLog from UK Preview Party

The party offers fans and media a unique opportunity to see some of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entrants performing in the United Kingdom prior to the Contest itself. The event takes place right before the promo-weekend in Belgium and the Netherlands. A team will also attend this promo-weekend, so it promises to be an exciting weekend!

Send your questions for the following stars, who will attend the party;

  • Bucks Fizz (United Kingdom 1981, winners of the Eurovision Song Contest) 
  • Euroband (Iceland 2008)
  • Isis Gee (Poland 2008)
  • Nanne Grönvall (Sweden 1996)
  • Laka (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2008)
  • Ani Lorak (Ukraine 2008)
  • Maria (Norway 2008)
  • Morena (Malta 2008) 
  • Nico & Vlad (Romania 2008)
  • Paul Oscar (Iceland 1997)
  • Ruslan Alehno (Belarus 2008)
  • Sirusho (Armenia 2008) 

Send your questions to [email protected] all day long! In tonight's LiveLog from behind the scenes, we will let the artists answer your questions. Don't forget to mention who to ask the question to, and your own name! You can expect regular updates from around 16:00 CET, LiveLogging starts around 21:00 CET. Don't miss the fun!

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