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Tonight: Dziesma final in Latvia

16 February 2013 at 05:00 CET

On Tuesday the 12th of February a draw took place to determine the running order of Dziesma 2013, which produced the following order of songs.

  1. One sung by Niko
  2. Fool In Love sung by Dāvids Kalandija & Dināra
  3. When You Are With Me sung by Antra Stafecka
  4. Sad Trumpet sung by Grupa PeR
  5. The One sung by Grupa Pieneņu Vīns 
  6. I Am Who I Am sung by Marta Ritova
  7. Higher And Higher sung by Liene Candy
  8. I Need A Hero sung by Samanta Tina
  9. Cold Heart sung by Ieva Sutugova
  10. Love sung by Headline
  11. Upside Down sung by Sabīne Berezina
  12. Here We Go sung by Grupa PeR

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The voting will be determined by a 50/50 mix of public televoting and the ten members of the jury. Three songs will proceed to a Super-Final, and after a further ten minutes of voting, one of the songs will declared the winner of Dziesma 2013.

You can watch tonight's final in our Web TV.

The programme will be presented by Martin Meyer, Madara Botmane and Anta Aizupe. Amongst the guest performers will be two singers who participated in last year's Eurovision Song Contest, Anmary who represented Latvia and Ott Lepland who represented Estonia.

Latvia will participate in the first half of Semi-Final Two to be held on Thursday the 16th of May.