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Tonight: Danish final from Aalborg!

07 February 2015 at 05:00 CET

After winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 and hosting it in 2014, broadcaster DR are keen to keep the momentum going in 2015 and have produced a strong line-up of ten songs that will all take part in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix at the Gigantium Arena in Aalborg tonight. 


Five regional juries together with an SMS vote will be combined to produce tonight's result. The regional juries will be located in Copenhagen, Næstved, Vejlie, Århus and Aalborg. The juries and public have 290 points each to award, with the public's votes being allocated based on the percentage of SMS votes the songs receive. 

Where To Watch

Unfortunately, is unable to broadcast Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015 tonight, but you can watch it by visiting the official website of DR

The 10 Participants

Seven of the ten finalists were chosen from the 687 public submissions whilst three of the songs are wildcards, especially invited by DR to participate in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015. 

Below you can find the songs and videos! 

Song 1 - Love Me Love Me (wildcard)

Artist: Sara Sukurani
Music & Lyrics: Sara Sukurani, Robert Uhlmann, Arash Labaf & Alexander Papaconstantinou

Song 2 - Mi Amore           

Artist: Tina & René
Music & Lyrics: Thomas G:son & Henrik Sethsson 

Song 3 - Når veje krydses

Artist: Marcel & Soulman Group
Music & Lyrics: Marcel Gbekle, Jeanette Christiansen & Bjarne List Nissen


Song 4 - Hotel A           

Artist: Cecilie Alexandra
Music & Lyrics: Bobby Ljunggreen, Marcos Ubeda & Kristian Lagerström


Song 5 - Love is Love              

Artist: Andy Roda
Music & Lyrics: Andy Roda & Maria H. Jensen

Song 6 - Tæt på mine drømme           

Artist: Julie Bjerre
Music & Lyrics: Maia Daniella Andersen, Jakob Schack Glæsner & Lise Cabble

Song 7 - The Way You Are              

Artist: Anti Social Media
Lyrics: Remee S. Jackman, Music: Remee S. Jackman and Chief 1, produced by: Lars ”Chief 1” Pedersen

Song 8 - Suitcase             

Artist: Anne Gadegaard
Music & Lyrics: Micky Skeel & Magnus Funemyr


Song 9 - Manjana             

Artist: Babou
Music & Lyrics: Lasse Lindorff, Daniel Rothmann, Thomas Sardorf, Karen Rosenberg, Nicolas Rebscher, Matthias Zürkler & Johannes Loefller

Song 10 - Summer Without You

Artist: World of Girls
Music & Lyrics: Martin Fliegenschmidt, Rune Braager & Daniel Calvin Østergaard

This content is unfortunately no longer available

This content is unfortunately no longer available

Denmark will take part in the First Semi-Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna on the 19th of May. The Grand Final takes place on the 23rd of May.