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Tonight: Beosong kicks off in Serbia

02 March 2013 at 12:00 CET

Tonight at 21:00 CET, the Serbian national selection for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will kick off with its semi-final. There, 15 acts will battle for the ticket to the final, to be held tomorrow, on Sunday, at 21:00.

The shows will be held in the Central Studio of RTS, hosted by Maja Nikolić. Backstage reports will be provided directly from Studio 9 by Gorica Nešović and Dragan Ilić. You can watch the show live on the RTS website!

The following 15 acts will be competing tonight:

  1. Ljubav je svuda - Mirna Radulović, Nevena Božović, Sara Jovanović
  2. Moja svetlosti - Igor Terzija
  3. Blagoslov - Maja Nikolić
  4. Usne kadifa - Kal 
  5. Ruža od baruta - Nenad Milosavljević 
  6. Duga u tvojim očima - Saška Janković
  7. Što prolazim - Dušan Zrnić
  8. Anđeo s neba - Maja Odžaklijevska
  9. Spas - Dušan Svilar
  10. Magija - SKY's 
  11. Svetla pale se za nas - Ksenija Kočetova
  12. Halo - Marija Mihajlović
  13. Savršen kraj - Aleksandra Dabić
  14. Za tebe živim - Kristina Savić
  15. Tren - Žarko Stepanov

All the competing songs will be premiered during the first night of the festival. In the semi-final, the TV public will choose five finalists by means of televoting. On Sunday March 3rd, during the final night of the festival, it's again the SMS votes of the TV viewers that will decide the winner and thus the Serbian Eurovision representative.

Meanwhile, you can already get to know the 15 candidate acts - click "next" below to browse through the artist profiles:

Mirna, Nevena & Sara

Three finalists of the music show "The First Voice of Serbia" will join forces to try and win the ticket to Malmö. The winner of this show is 21-year-old Mirna Radulović who demonstrated that she is adept in all musical genres, from pop and rock to the old, traditional folk songs. She also plays violin, guitar and piano. 

Nevena Božovic is 18 years old and hails from Kosovska Mitrovica, a girl with a powerful voice who is now a third year student at the Belgrade Faculty of Music. At the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Rotterdam she represented Serbia and won the third place with the song for which she wrote both music and lyrics herself.

The third link in the ensemble is 19-year-old Sara Jovanović, a girl who has mastered the art of scenic movement. She was born and raised in Rome, Italy. Her energetic performances and specific timbre of voice are the reason for her success at the First Voice of Serbia competition.

Igor Terzija

Igor Terzija was born on 30. April 1986, in Subotica. He was 15 years old when he began to work with music. He showed his first musical and vocal skills in the Budva Festival in 2007, with the song "Tebe bih” (I Choose You) and then on the Radio Festival "Feras" in 2007, with the song "Ako se ljubav zove kao ti” (If love is called like you), which got excellent reviews.

In 2011, he entered the biggest music competition in the region, "The first voice of Serbia", when he reached the super finals and won the second place.

Maja Nikolić

From an early age, Maja has been engaged in singing. She comes from a musical family and has participated in more than 100 festivals. Maja has lived in the United States for eight years, in San Diego and New York City, singing at jazz clubs and the China Club in New York City at the prestigious event of Diana Ross, with whom she was on stage together.

Maja became popular in former Yugoslavia when she was just 17 years old: as a high school student she won three first prizes in Mesam in 1993, for the song "Odlazi” (Go away). She had big tours in former Yugoslavia and Europe. 


Dragan Ristić is the frontman of the urban Romany band "Kal". This is what "The Times" journalist David Atler had to say about the band: "Probably the best Romany band east of Paris". Since 2006, when the band started performing, they had over 400 concerts abroad. They participated at the most significant domestic, European and international festivals and achieved enviable career in Europe. Corroborating this is the fact that they performed at the festivals like Roskilde in Denmark, Fusion Festival in Berlin, Pepsi Sziget Festival in Budapest and EXIT.

Kal's albums were produced by Mike Nielsen, famous for his cooperation with the greatest international music attractions including bands like Underworld, Snow Patrol, The Cure and Jamiroquai. Performing at the Beosong Festival, along with the members of the Kal band will be talented Belgrader Vanja Prokopljević.

Nenad Milosavljević 

Singer, harmonica player, acoustic guitar player and composer Nenad Milosavljevic was born on 6. February 1954, in Niš. With the creation of the group Galija, its founder and leader was renamed, quite naturally, into Nesa Galija. 

After taking his first steps in music, he was soon accepted by the members of the cult trio Lutajuća srca (Wondering hearts). At the same time, Neša Galija discovers another great love - theater. In 1972 he composed the music for the play "Aska i Vuk” (Aska and the Wolf).

He has composed for the Puppet Theatre and the several theatres in his home country. Music for children and the children's song festivals were also big part of his composing, arrangement and production activities. His first film music was composed in 2002, year. It was the music for the movie "Zona Zamfirova".

Saška Janković

Saška Janković's artistic alias is Miss Jukebox. She finished high music school, and now she is a student. When she was ten years old she won the first place and the award for the best interpretation at the music competition for children. She recorded a children's album with her teenage band "Jingle Bells". 

She performed as a backup singer twice at the Eurovision Song Contest: 2010 with Milan Stanković, and 2011 with Nina. Saška was a finalist of the second season of the competition for young singers "The First Voice of Serbia". For years she has been working as a backup singer, songwriter and a composer. She has cooperated with many famous names from the world of music, recording in the studios and at live concerts.

Dušan Zrnić

Dušan Zrnić is a pop and rock singer. He started his career in 2004, in reality show "Idol" wining the third place in the competition of three thousand candidates. At Beovizija 2005, in the final festival evening he won the 12th place. He went on to participate in several festivals on the Balkans.

In 2009 he took part in Beovizija again. In the final evening he won the 6th place and in the same year he sang at the festival "Pjesma Mediterana 2009" in Budva. For the last four years he has been a member of the band "Blah Blah" from Belgrade. They play in some of the best clubs in Serbia and former Yugoslavia.

Maja Odžaklijevska

Maja's music career started when she was 15 and took part in audition organized by TV Skopje. In 1970. she performed in the popular music show „Maksimetar“ and was spotted by Radoslav Graić. She got a walk-on role in the piece „Rabelais“, which was performed for two seasons at the main stage of the National theater in Belgrade.

In her long-lasting career, the singer of Macedonian origin has taken part in no less than seven Eurovision national finals since 1981, her biggest success being a second place with the song Julija in the Yugoslav national final 1982. 

The crucial point in her career came in 1979 when she participated at festival “Beogradsko proleće”, singing one of her greatest hits – “Daljine”. She recorded her first LP “Biće sve u redu”, only in 1982. That album was, in fact, compilation of her festival songs. She recorded her next album many years later. But Maja has never let her audience forget about her. She participated at least in one festival each year. Her second (and so far the last) album, “Bele njive”, was also compilation of her festival successes.

Dušan Svilar

Dušan was born on June 19, 1990 in Subotica. At seventeen he was the winner of the third season of the contest "Grand Stars". His first public performance was on February 14, 2007 at the non-competitive festival "Love and Wine" with the song "Ljubav bogom dana" composed by Kornelije Kovač.

In 2010 at the Grand Festival he won the votes of the audience for the song "Dunavski testament" by Nikola Grbić. The same year he released his new album "Nisam ja dobrovoljni davalac suza". He is currently a student at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.


The members of the band are Ksenija Knežević (17), Dana Gašić Gavaja (16) and Anđela Vujović (16), three teenage girls from the same class of the high school of design. For the last two years the school has been echoing with their singing and their unbelievable energy.

Sky Wikluh recognized the talent of those young artists and wrote this magical song for them. The song is in accordance with their age and their temperament. All three of them have finished primary music school, and had participated and won awards at different music festivals. Dana Gašić Gavaja is also one of this years finalists of the show “I’ve got talent”.

Ksenija Kočetova

Since her first musical steps at the age of four, up to the Music academy in Kiev (Ukraine), she committed her whole life to music and believes that she can change the world with her music - for the better! After receiving classical music education, for the last ten years, thanks to Olga Voichenko, she committed herself to funk, blues and jazz music trying to bring them closer to the audience at home and abroad with great success.

Together with her husband Maxim, a saxophone player, composer and arranger, and their daughter Katarina who plays piano and sings, they make a little family musical workshop where they bring together their creative ideas for their musical and stage appearance. At the moment she is finishing her first solo album in Serbian and in English. Many of her previous projects were completed with great success.

Marija Mihajlović

She performed for the first time with the RTS jazz orchestra in 1990 at the jazz festival in Valjevo. After that she had worked with numerous jazz bands and collaborated with almost all eminent jazz musicians from our country. At the same time she began building a successful career as a studio musician. Singing back vocals, and in recent years lead vocals, she became an inevitable spice of almost all existing music genres, and irreplaceable collaborator of many important musical producers.

Since 1996 till 2000 she was full-time member of the group Dejan Cukić i Spori ritam bend. They made three albums and, at the same time, the band performed at numerous concerts. Marija Mihajlović is a jazz, pop and rock singer, vocal trainer and a specialized studio musician.

Aleksandra Dabić

Aleksandra was born in Skopje on September the 17th,1986. She’s been living and working in Belgrade for the past seven years. She played the flute at the Secondary school of music and attended classes at the department for solo singing both in Elementary and in Secondary school of music..

She graduated from college and after that successfully graduated from the Faculty of philology in Belgrade - department for French language and literature. She loves languages, and sports. She’s been playing with her band for five years. She works diligently on her new songs in pop style. She already recorded a new song "Fališ mi prokleto" (I miss you badly) done by Bane Opačić and Ognjan Ogi Radivojević. Authors of the other two songs soon to be presented to the public are Andrej Jakšić and Marko Kon, who represented Serbia in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

Kristina Savić

Kristina was born on August 14, 1975 in Valjevo, where she finished primary and secondary music school. During her studies, she sang with many bands, and in 1998 she became a regular backing vocal of Zdravko Colić, who had represented Yugoslavia in the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest with "Gori vatra".

In 1998 she also started working at the "Terazije" theatre as a choir soloist, where she is still employed. In the period from 2009 to 2012 she performed more than hundred times with Ivan Bosiljčić at his poetry and music events both in the country and abroad.

Žarko Stepanov

He was born on February 16, 1983 in Novi Sad. He finished the Music High School "Isidor Bajić" in Novi Sad, majoring in Theory and Double bass. Later he graduated from the Acting School at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

Žarko was the host of the TV show "The Best of The Best" and "Happy News" on Serbian TV. Currently he is the anchor of the Radio Naxi morning program. He has been playing the double bass for more than ten years in bands "Zorule" and "Ravnica" from Novi Sad. He lives and works in Belgrade.