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Tonight: Belgium chooses a song for Iris

17 March 2012 at 03:28 CET

Tonight at 20.00 CET Iris will present two songs for the Eurovision Song Contest in Eurosong 2012: een song voor Iris, a short TV special with Peter Van de Veire as host. Van de Veire will introduce both Iris and her two possible songs to the Belgian audience. Viewers will get to know the 17-year-old Iris through interviews with her and her entourage.

Afterwards the viewers can vote for the song of their choice through televoting. They decide with which song Iris will represent Belgium on the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku.

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The Songs

Iris will sing the following two songs from which the Belgian people will vote for their favourite:

Safety Net

The first song, Safety Net, is about a young girl that longs for security, in the ever faster moving and insecure world she lives in. She wants to get a grip and feel secure. Eventually, she finds it with someone she knows. From now on, she can trust on her “safety net”.

Would You?

In the other song, Would you?, Iris doubts the sincerity of her lover. She feels that her relationship has reached a certain, crucial point and is wondering what her boyfriend would do if she left him. Would he miss her, like any other boy would? Or not?

The Results

Later that night Iris appears in the TV show Vrienden Van de Veire on Eén. At the end of the show (about 22:50 CET) Peter will announce the results of the televoting and Iris will have a song for her performance in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 22 May. At the end of he show she will sing the winning song live on Vrienden Van de Veire on Eén.

Who is Iris?

Iris is the stage name of seventeen-year-old Laura Van den Bruel. Despite her young age Iris already has a very impressive voice.

As a child Iris sang all day long. She looked up to Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson and dreamed of becoming a singer herself. At first she covered her idols’ songs, but after a while she started to write her own lyrics.

At fifteen Iris was discovered by record company SonicAngel during a local talent contest. She was the best of three hundred participants. With SonicAngel she recorded her first single and video clip, Wonderful, and came another step closer to realising her dream.

In August Iris’s single Wonderful hit the Belgian charts. Iris performed on several Belgian radio stations and was discovered by an increasing number of music lovers. In May Iris will represent Belgium on the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku.