Tonight: another try for the artists to be perfect!

Compared to the first dress rehearsal, all effects - pyros, wind-machines, confetti-rain etc. - are being tried out in the second take and the recording will be used as a backup tape in case anything should go wrong with the actual broadcast tomorrow.

All of the artists use this second dress rehearsal to give 100% as it is also used for the various juries around Europe to gather their votes which will decide for 50% of the total votes. Apart from the 19 countries which participate in the Second Semi-Final, also France, Germany and Italy will vote in this heat.

The suspense is high among the participants and some of the artists are already getting nervous. The Belgian group Witloof Bay disclosed do "It's really difficult for us to get a nice balance in a very big hall and to hear ourselves properly. It's always a very important work." is being there for you also at the second dress rehearsal and will supply you with interesting photos and videos!

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