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Tom Dice will sing Me And My Guitar for Belgium

07 March 2010 at 23:29 CET

The show from Belgium included dance performances, and there was also time for Tom Dice to perform his own version of the Leona Lewis' hit Bleeding Love. Tonight's show, Eurosong 2010: een song voor Tom Dice!, was hosted by Bart Peeters. Apart from presenting the song for Oslo, the show also tried to find answers to who Tom Dice really is, if he's ready for the Eurovision Song Contest and how they should "sell him" abroad. Guests including Marcel Vanthilt, Siska Schoeters, André Vermeulen, Peter Van de Veire and Sergio helped in the search for answers.

Sergio gave Tom advice on how to handle the press conferences in Oslo, making sure that he was ready for the question "Can you please sing your song?" Sergio also wanted Tom to be wary of all the people saying "I think you're great, I'm sure you'll win", warning him not to believe them – as they tell that to everyone.

  If you have missed the show, or just want to see it again, you can do so in our ESCTV Player.

On the 25th of November, VRT announced that it had selected Tom Dice, runner-up of the Belgian version of The X Factor, internally to represent Belgium at the contest in May. Tom Dice was born in 1989. He was part of a band named The Dice, but then decided to go solo. Since taking part in the Belgian X Factor in 2008, he has released his single Bleeding Love. His main musical influences are Gavin DeGraw, Taylor Swift, Tyler Hilton, Damien Rice, The Kooks, Muse, Placebo and System Of A Down.

Belgium has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 51 times. The only victory to date came in 1986, when Sandra Kim sang J'aime La Vie. The country has finished in last place 8 times, and since the introduction of the Semi-Finals in 2004, Belgium has failed to appear in the Final. It remains to be seen if Tom Dice can turn the tide.

In 2009, Belgium didn't manage to qualify for the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, when Copycat got stuck in the first Semi-Final.

This year, Belgium will compete in the first Semi-Final of the contest, on the 25th of May.