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Tom Dice: Life after Eurovision

06 June 2010 at 14:39 CEST

His quest started already last fall, when it was announced he would be the Belgian contestant for Europe's favourite TV-show. Then he started his transformation to do something no other Belgian representative had done since the introduction of the Semi-Finals - qualify for the Final. And so he did.

"I think it was a success because they didn't expect Belgium to have a good song this year," he told us. Of course, after doing so well, we also wondered whether he'd like to do it again, let's say in 2 years. 

Tom answered first: "It's a hard question, not in two years but in 20 years." But then later, he corrected the it to 10 years. So, maybe it'll be even earlier? 

However, in the meantime he's also released his debute album, "a very emotional album", like he says. He started recording it during the time he prepared for his big moment in Oslo. 

Do you wonder what he wants to do now and more? Also - as an exclusive, see him performing his new single, Lucy in our video below! 


Tom Dice represented Belgium in the 55th Eurovision Song Contest with his song Me And My Guitar and finished sixth in the Final. This broke the Belgian curse of not qualifying for the Final of Europe's favourite TV-show.