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Together the Swiss are one

09 May 2013 at 17:47 CEST

It has been around six months ago that Switzerland selected their entry for this year's contest, and it has been an eventful period for Takasa during this time, but publicity over various issues has kept their profile high in their home country.

Now, at long last, they are finally on the stage in Malmö. As they made their way to the stage most musicians will carry their instruments with them, with the obvious exceptions of items like drumkits and pianos. It is not surprising though that 95 year old Emil Ramsauer, who is the oldest musician ever to grace the Eurovision stage was not required to carry his double bass from the dressing rooms, via the sound check area, before arriving on stage.

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Takasa form a nice straight line across the stage when they sing You And Me, and are dressed in the aforementioned white shirts and blouses, with either jeans or dark blue trousers. A reddish brown pattern features on the projector screens, with lighting to match.

With a mix of traditional musical instruments, such as drum, trombone and double bass, along with the more modern electric guitar shows that together Takasa are one.

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