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Today: The Swiss "expert check"

07 December 2014 at 02:42 CET

A total of 18 candidates have performed their entries in the SRF studios today, and in the end, a jury will pick the 6 best ones to qualify for the national final, which will be broadcast live on 31 January from the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen. You can check out the video clips of all songs on the SRF website.

The following three acts were internally selected by the Swiss-Italian broadcaster RSI - one of them will qualify for the final:

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  • I The Vad Vuc - Cocktail e fantasmi
  • Deborah Bough - Take me back to 23
  • Elias ft. Zero in On - Your perfume

The following nine acts were chosen by Swiss-German broadcaster SRF and Romansch-language broadcaster RTR by a combination of internet voting and a jury -three of them will go to the final:

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  • Arbresha - Same Stars
  • Bubble Beatz feat. Sandra Wild - Run
  • Thierry Condor - Open Heart Surgery
  • Dahï - Destiny
  • Simon Hafner - There Was A Yesterday
  • Andy McSean - Hey Now
  • SanDii - iMagination
  • Timebelle - Singing About Love
  • Tiziana - Only Human

And last but not least, the following six acts were nominated in a radio preselection by Swiss-French broadcaster RTS - two of them will make it to the national final:

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  • Alenko - Vue d'en Haut
  • Anach Cuan - Hurdy Gurdy Girls
  • Célia - Letter To Myself
  • Licia Chery - Fly
  • Mélanie René - Time To Shine
  • Shana Pearson - Kevlar Heart

The jury consists of the following experts:

  • Rafael Antonio, Choreographer
  • Freda Goodlett, Vocal Coach
  • Moritz Faccin, Director Strategic Marketing Universal (SRF)
  • Catherine Colombara, Cheffe d'antenne Option Musique (RTS)
  • Nicola Locarnini, Musician (RSI)

The long day of stage performances is being presented by Clarissa Tami.