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Today: The first dress rehearsals!

19 May 2008 at 02:00 CEST

You can also expect footage, photos and stories from last night´s opening party at the Palata Srbija. 

Our photographers and video crew will again be around all day. Photographers Alain Douit and Indrek Galetin, and our video crew consisting of Jan Demulder and Wim Dehandschutter will make sure you won't miss anything of the rising tension in Belgrade. Do not miss anything of the official Eurovision Song Contest channel on, where you can find loads of footage! You can also find the videos embedded in our news updates, ánd in the MediaLounge.'s Marco Brey, Jacob Draeby, Andreas Schacht and Glen Webb will make sure you don't miss anything of today's buzz. Do you have questions about what´s happening behind the scenes? Send them to our editorial crew on-site via [email protected]