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Today: Georgia chooses

14 January 2015 at 01:02 CET

The Georgian national selection will be broadcast tomorrow at 14:00 CET. You can enjoy the live show show from Tbilisi with us on The show is a part of the local programme Communicator. 

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Here are the five Georgian hopefuls and their songs: 

  • Eter Berashvili - If Someone (music by Rafael Artesero)
  • Edvard Maison - We Are Freeeee (music and lyrics by Edvard Maison)
  • Niutone - Run Away (music by Niutone, lyrics by Mariam Chikhradze)
  • Nina Sublatti - Warrior (music and lyrics by Nina Sublatti)
  • Misha Sulukhia - One And Only (music and lyrics by Teo Zeinklishvili)

Voting system

The winner will be chosen by a 50/50 combination of the votes of a five-member international expert jury, and SMS voting. The jury is still a secret and will be announced tomorrow in the show. TV viewers can vote one single time from one SIM card. The SMS voting has already started on the 31st of December and will last till tomorrow.

Eter Berashvili

Eter Berashvili got her secondary and music education in Signagi. She plays violin and bass guitar. Elter completed Moscow Estrada and Jazz College, faculty of  vocals. In 2002, the singer founded a vocals group A'Cappella Express which still remains very successful in Russia and other countries. Beriashvili worked with many famous singers, such as Tamar Gverdtsiteli, Laima Vaikule, Andrei Makarevich, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Leonid Agutin et al. In 2013, she took part in the project New Voice that was held in Russia and became the quarter-finalist.

Edvard Maison

Edvard Meison is famous as film director, music video director and rapper in Georgia. He became a laureate of Discover 2012 that was held in Bulgaria. Edvard worked in music clubs in Kazakhstan. In 2012, he already took part in the Georgian national selection. This year’s qualifying entry  We Are Freeee,  Edvard Meison composed himself. The autor of the text is Tako Vadachkoria. The backing vocalists are Tako Ananikiani and Tornike Metskhvarishvili.


Band Niutone was founded in February 2013. The group consists of Tamuna Babilua (keyboard), Levan Abshilava (drums), Zura Astamadze (guitar), Nutsa Abashidze (vocals), Shako Gelekva (bass guitar). Members of the group as individual musicians participated in various international and Georgian projects such as: Star Academy, Geostar 2011, Ana-Bana 2012, Dancing With The Stars, I Love Georgia , ALFA Jazz Festival 2014, Borneo Jazz Festival 2013 etc. Currently, the group is working on their first album.

Nina Sublatti 

Nina Sublatti is the Georgian artist, composer and teacher. In 2008, she graduated from music school, specialty piano. In her music career, Nina has gained a lot of experience with different bands. She gave concerts in different parts of Georgia. In 2011, Nina started cooperation with the Georgian Dream Studio. She also worked with Bera, the Georgian well-known singer. Since 2014 Nina studies in Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire, faculty of music technologies. Nina also works in the music school Tin Club and teaches the young performers.

Misha Sulukhia

Misha performs different genres of music from pop and rock to classic. He plays piano, violin, flute, saxophone and guitar.  Misha graduated from Zakaria Paliashvili Central Music School and Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire. In his music career, Misha took part in different projects such as international competition Crystal Stork, project Bravo, international contest Golden Talent etc.