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Today: Belarus stages Eurofest final

14 February 2012 at 11:14 CET

Five acts will battle it out in the Palace of Sports in Belarus, in front an invited audience of three thousand spectators, and be broadcast on the main Belarus television channels, which is broadcast in 12 countries, and can also be watched live here on

Through the process of televoting, the Belarus public will choose one of the following songs to represent them in Baku in May.

In the order of presentation on stage the songs in contention are:

  • All My Life sung by Alyona Lanskaya
  • Tell Me Why sung by Gunesh
  • Dream sung by Viktoria Aleshko
  • We Are The Heroes sung by Litesound
  • The Winner sung by Uzari


Fans will be in for a treat, as several former winners will be appearing in Eurofest, including the first ever winner  Lys Assia; 2009 winner Alexander Rybak, who was born in Belarus; Ruslana who won the contest for Ukraine in 2004;  Serbian winner in 2007, Marija Šerifović, as well as the current title holders from Azerbaijan, Ell/Nikki.

There are former and current contestants also apearing on stage. Dmity Koldun who represented Belarus in 2007, and has been the nation’s most successful entrant when he finished in 6th place  with Work Your Magic.

Sakis Rouvas who has twice represented Greece, in addition to being one of the presenters of the 2006 edition of the contest, plus this year’s entrants from Switzerland, Sinplus, with the song Unbreakable will appear in the two hour Eurofest programme.

Join viewers around the world by watching the show live on