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Tiny country with a big social network

Posted 17 May 2012 at 15:50

Valentina Monetta entered the stage in the blue leather trousers and jacket. She wore a silvery blouse and silvery shoes. The singer is always connected with her friends on social networks, that's why she took her notebook with her on stage.
Valentina Monetta and her five backing dancers were surrounded by blue spotlights on stage. Thousands of faces, Valentina’s fans, were shown on the LEDs that made the whole act very colourful.
Speech bubbles with oh and uh written inside also appeared on the LEDs that were surrounding a very colourful stage scene.
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Valentina Monetta started the press conference by stating that her second rehearsal was much better than the first one. "I'm excited, it was great to perform in the stage costumes for the first time", she added.
The press conference host asked about the previous songtitle, Facebook, and he wanted to know where the change came from. The composer, Ralph Siegel, went on to answer this question: "We got the message from the EBU right after we entered the song. It sounds like a commercial message, they said. It was a big problem for me, as I was out of town, and we didn't have much time to change it. But now we are really happy to be here."
A journalist asked Valentina Monetta why she was making an L sign with her fingers on stage several times. She replied: "This is a symbol for communication for me." Valentina also confirmed that she loved jazz, and she improvised a piece of jazz music for the audience.
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