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Tinkara Kovač wins EMA 2014

08 March 2014 at 22:44 CET

As it was announced, there were seven great live performances, we could enjoy while wathing EMA 2014 live from Ljubljana tonight:

  1. Omar Naber I Won’t Give Up
  2. Nermin Puškar and Samuel Lucas Masquerade
  3. Bilbi To Ni Blues
  4. Nude Be Ok!
  5. Rudi Bučar and Elevators Tja
  6. Tinkara Kovač Spet / Round And Round
  7. Muff Let Me Be (Myself)

During the show, TV audience was reminded about some of the greatest Slovenian entries at Eurovision in the previous years and Ula Furlan (the host of the show) gave her best to make the atmosphere in the studio even more exciting. She used the moments between the performances to talk with all the contestants, but also with the members of the expert jury, even though they don’t have any influence on the outcome of the voting in Slovenia.

Except the competing songs, there was also an interval act, so those who were following EMA 2014 tonight, could enjoy the new song from Maja Keuc (Slovenian representative at Eurovision 2011) and hear her new single Close To You.

And then came the first most important moment of EMA 2014 - as the first round of voting ended. Ula Furlan announced the names of two superfinalists: TINKARA KOVAČ and MUFF. After we heard two potential entries once again, the second round of voting was open, but this time two new phone lines were open for five minutes only. Eventually, the second televoting was finally over and the winner of EMA 2014 was declared:

  1. TINKARA KOVAČ (7932 votes)
  2. MUFF (3450 votes)

About EMA 2014

At the beginning of February, the expert jury consisted of: Miša Molk (editor of EMA contest), Darja Švajger (professional musician and singer) and Andrea F. (radio music editor, musician and producer), announced the names of the contestants at EMA 2014, who we saw performing tonight, live from Ljubljana.

In the last few weeks, radio listeners and TV viewers in Slovenia could hear and enjoy all the competing songs and to find out much more about the artists and authors, through a lot of interviews. Nevertheless, in comparing to others national selections across Europe, TV audience in Slovenia has the full resposibility for the outcome, as there’s televoting only an no jury evaluation of the performances.

About the voting

There were two rounds of televoting during the Grand final in Slovenia. In the first round, viewers could give their support to some of the performers among seven finalists. They had ten minutes for calling some of the numbers shown on the screen or sending SMS messages.

Two contestants with the highest number of votes were considered as superfinalists and they took part in the second round of voting. This time TV viewers had only five minutes to vote. 

Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Slovenia participated 19 times, debuting in 1993. The best results were achieved by Darja Švajger (1995) and Nuša Derenda (2001). They both won seventh place.

For those who missed the Allocation Draw for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest held on 20th of January in Copenhagen – Slovenia will take part in second half of the Second Semi-Final, on Thursday, 8th of May.

If you missed the show, you can still watch EMA 2014 in our Web TV section.