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Tinkara Kovač goes "Round And Round" for Slovenia

03 May 2014 at 21:02 CEST
Tinkara Kovač - Round And Round (Slovenia 2014) EBU

Raay, composer of Round And Round, talked to right before the second rehearsal of the Slovenian delegation. "We only changed some little details. For example, Tinkara will be wearing different shoes this time. We also had some requests regarding the camera angles."

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The delegation works together well as a team, with the main goal of making Tinkara feel comfortable. "We go through every step of the stage performance together, see how we can adjust everything to make her feel secure and comfortable. In the end, we have to transmit this feeling to the TV viewers too."

The stage performance starts with Tinkara playing the flute, with a close-up shot on her. She wears a classy blue dress, matching also the colours of the backing vocalists' stage costumes.

The stage is set in dark colours, the main cube structure emitting dotted yellow lights, resembling a starry sky. On the stage floor, circles are turning around Tinkara during the chorus, fitting the song lyrics.

During the last chorus, the stage brightens up while the cameras go to an ultra-wide shot, giving the impression of a total transformation. All in all, the audience got to see a touching performance, enhanced by excellent vocals.

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"It doesn't make me nervous, it makes me happy"

"I'm feeling very good. It's a nice country, and it's not so big, just like Slovenia. So we can learn a lot from you, for example that 50% of the politicians are women", Tinkara opened the press conference.

So, is Tinkara excited when she is on stage? "I'm relaxed every time I am on stage. It doesn't make me nervous, it makes me happy."

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Raay explained how the melody came to his mind: "The melody started to develop four years ago. I was walking and came up with the rough idea. Over the years, I presented four versions of it, and we were looking for the right artist. And that's when Tinkara came, and I immediately knew that she's the right one."

About the language choice of the song, Tinkara said: "I have more versions of the song, in various languages. As I live close to the Italian border, for example, we made a very international version in Slovenian, English and Italian. As for the Eurovision version, we had to choose before the Slovenian national final, and it was clear for me that it had to be partly in English as it's the most international language, but I also wanted to sing in Slovenian, as this is my home."

Which previous Eurovision contestants gave Tinkara advice? "Before we came here we made a press conference, and four previous Slovenian Eurovision representatives came. And Lado Leskovar came to me and said: 'Tinkara, why are you going to Eurovision, you sing to well!' But everyone agreed that it's an honour to represent your country here, and it's already a victory."

Tinkara also brought her flute to the press conference stage, and of course she played a sample for the audience.