Tine Lynggaard disqualified from Danish selection

Only a few days ago Tine Lynggaard's dream came true when under the pseudonym Valen:tine she was announced as one of the participants of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2012. However just a few days after the announcement,  accusations started flying around that her song had been released in October, contradicting DR's rules. 

Initially DR allowed the song to remain in the competition as EBU rules state that a song must not be commercially released or openly performed in its entirety or partly before the 1st of September 2011. However, it later transpired that Tine had in fact uploaded the song Nowhere to YouTube in the summer of 2011, before this date.

Head of entertainment Jan Lagermand Ludme said, "It really annoys me that Nowhere has to be disqualified because of a technicality as we are in no doubt that Tine Lynggaard and the rest of the team behind the song did not want to deceive us or give themselves a competitive advantage". 

Jan went on to say that it is normal for demo versions of songs to be uploaded online as a matter of course: "The entries that are sent in to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix are professional pop songs that aren't necessarily written for our competition and of course we still want to receive them. Therefore we will look at whether or not our rules need to be adjusted so they match up with reality of the music industry today". 

Tine Lyggaard appeared on DR's Aftenshowet program earlier this evening where she said how upset she was not to be taking part in the competition. "I cried my eyes out and was really upset", she said. However, despite this she has not been put off and wants to remain a part of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. "I understand and respect DR's decision but am still expecting to be in Aalborg anyway even though it will be as part of the audience and a cheerleader and not on stage with the other perforers". 

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2012 will now continue with just 9 performers as there is no time to find an act to replace Tine Lynggaard (Valen:tine).

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