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Timebelle want to reverse Switzerland's fortunes in the contest

03 May 2017 at 14:42 CEST
Switzerland rehearsal 2017 Thomas Hanses
Timebelle will represent Switzerland at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the power ballad Apollo. The band members were on good form as they arrived at Kyiv’s International Exhibition Centre ahead of their first rehearsal.

Lead singer Miruna Manescu, originally from Romania, explained that Timebelle have been together in their current form for three years. "My other band members Emanuel and Samuel have known each other for ten years," she said. Miruna joked that Emanuel was still sleepy when he arrived at the venue: "His mouth is working but he’s sleeping on the inside."

Embracing diversity

"Timebelle is diversity," said Miruna. The singer works on multiple projects in both Switzerland and Romania but admits that she’s spent most of her time recently focusing on the Eurovision Song Contest. "Samuel was born in Germany, living in Switzerland for the last 25 years and Emanuel is also from Romania but has been living in Switzerland for the last 10 years. Our song was produced in Sweden and the title is linked to Greek mythology, so for us, we are celebrating diversity right here," she explained.   

Friends reunited

Prior to the Eurovision Song Contest the Swiss participants promoted Apollo at the various pre-parties where they got to know the other acts. "We met so many acts, you eat breakfast with them and lunch, you spend a lot of time. It’s like becoming a little family," said Samuel, before Emanuel spontaneously burst into song: "We are family," he chimed.       

A dream come true

"We have a really nice team who created the staging of our song, I really hope the public will appreciate it," said Samuel. "The rehearsal went well, the people around us are really professional, the sound was perfect," he added. Miruna added that there are minor issues to fix, including the stairs which she walks down: "The stairs are too small and the dress is very big, but apart from that everything is really good." Emanuel added that it was a dream come true to be performing on the Eurovision stage: "It was really magnificent, it’s quite difficult to fully describe the feelings actually."

Timebelle want to reverse Switzerland’s fortunes in the Eurovision Song Contest. "After the last few years the Swiss public are not as confident as they once were but that is our responsibility to make them feel confident again. It’s a big challenge but we take it!"

Timebelle will next take to the stage on Saturday, 6th May, for another round of rehearsals. Switzerland will take part in the second Semi-Final on Thursday, 11th of May.