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Timebelle will represent Switzerland in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.
Timebelle will represent Switzerland in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.
Photo: Stoian Stdefan Danut (SRF)

Switzerland celebrates diversity with Timebelle

Earlier this year Timebelle won the Swiss ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Apollo'. The international band describe themselves as not only celebrating diversity, but actually living it!

Timebelle are named after a famous Swiss landmark but the name is also a tribute to a "beautiful time" that the group had in Berne, where the band was formed. Lead singer Miruna Manescu is a trained musician and actress from Romania. Band member Emanuel Daniel Andriescu is also from Romania but has been living in Switerland for ten years. Drummer Samuel Forster was born in Germany but has lived in Switzerland for most of his life. 

Timebelle's entry, Apollo, is described as a power ballad and said to be "about love and devotion to the arts." The group have recently been promoting their song at the various pre-parties and concerts that have taken place across Europe and beyond. 

The group are excited about the upcoming competition in Kyiv. "Since our childhood, we all remember the Eurovision Song Contest as the main musical event of the year", explained Miruna. "It was extremely appealing to us as children and it has remained that way since then. It's an honour to perform on such a grand stage. Being able to meet so many people from different cultures is incredibly important and overwhelming", she added.