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Suzy - Quero Ser Tua (Portugal 2014)
Suzy - Quero Ser Tua (Portugal 2014)

Time to dance with Suzy from Portugal

In the late afternoon the delegations lounge, where the dressing rooms for the artists are located, was invaded by the happy spirit of the Portuguese delegation. Suzy and her team carry permanent smiles on their faces and have some jokes to entertain themselves during the wait.

It's actually the same mood you can get when listening to their song Quero Ser Tua in rehearsals, a joyful and refreshing upbeat latin number that invites you to dance.

Colours and drums

Being such a colourful entry,  it is no wonder that the stage of the B&W Hallerne gets filled with lots of red, green and yellow images which also mirror the Portuguese colours. There are two huge drums on stage that light with the rhythm of the song beat as the dancers hit them.

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Suzy was wearing a black shiny dress which we know already is not her clothes for the shows, as she told us in the first rehearsal that she'll wear a red short outfit which was revealed later in the rehearsal.

Thank you!

Suzy is very grateful to her fans and followers for the support she's getting from all over the globe and wanted to thank them in our video below:

"I want to make people proud of my performance"

When Suzy and her team arrived at the press conference room they talked about the preparations of their performance: "We are ready. Well, we have to be ready. We cannot change a lot as the 6th of May is just around the corner". And also ready to qualify for the Final? "Of course we are ready to go to the Final, and it would be great if Portugal could manage that this year".

She explained why they sing in Portuguese: "when Eurovision started everyone used to sing in their own language. I know it is more understandable in English, but with this song it goes beyond language because.. such a happy song, so energetic, so happy, so uptempo makes you want to dance. And I think the UA UA UÉ is universal. Anyway it has a very positive message. It is about unconditional love, pure love, not expecting anything in return".

Suzy explained what the Pimba is: "Pimba doesn't exist as a genre of music, that came because Emanuel wrote a song with that title, a very happy song with an accordion as he usually writes them. This is a pop song with a latin rhythm, with a little bit of samba and also traditional sounds thanks to  the accordion".

Is Suzy nervous when she goes on stage? "You don't have the public in your hand as something guaranteed. You always have to get up there with those butterflies in the stomach, at least I always do".

Suzy then went on sing a little bit of My Fair Lady in Portuguese, as she did that play on the stages of her country. She also gave us a bit of her entry Quero Ser Tua a capella.

What has the Portuguese delegation been doing in Copenhagen? "So far we've been trying to promote the song during our stay here. I'd love to do some sightseeing, this is a beautiful city. But I want people in my country to be proud of our performance, and we've done all that's in our hands, we've done all the interviews and appearances that we could for promotion".

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