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Time for the juries to decide who is popular

23 May 2012 at 23:00 CEST

18 songs: 21 juries

Eighteen songs will participate in the Second Semi-Final, and professional juries in each of the participating countries, as well as in  Germany, France and the United Kingdom will be voting on tonight's dress rehearsal. They will account for 50% of the overall total.

Each jury will be comprised of five members, (including a chairperson) who  will be the same jurors who will also be voting in the Final. They will monitored by an independent notary in each country. The jury consists of a variety of members in terms of age, gender, and background. They are all citizens of the country they are representing.

None of the jury members are connected with any of the participating songs or artists, in order that they can vote independently. All jury members have made signed declarations stating that they will vote independently.

The names of the jury members should be revealed by the broadcasters during the Final.

The Jury Voting

Each jury member will rank their top ten favourite songs, and award points from 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points.

The chairperson will allocate 12 points to the song having obtained the highest number of votes from all jury members, 10 points to the song having obtained the second highest number of votes, 8 points for the song having obtained the third highest number of votes, then 7 points next, and so on down to 1 point for the song having obtained the tenth highest number of votes from all jury members.

In the event of a tie for any of the above positions, the order of tying songs shall be determined by a show of hands by the jury members, with no abstentions allowed.

The EBU's televoting partner Digame will merge the points given by the jury and the televoters tomorrow night per individual country. If there is a tie between two or more songs between jury votes and televotes, then the song gaining the most televotes will be ranked higher.

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The contenders

  1. Serbia: Nije Ljubav Stvar sung by Željko Joksimović
  2. FYR Macedonia: Crno E Belo sung by Kaliopi
  3. The Netherlands: You And Me sung by Joan Franka
  4. Malta: This Is The Night sung by Kurt Calleja
  5. Belarus: We Are The Heroes sung by Litesound
  6. Portugal: Vida Minha sung by Filipa Sousa
  7. Ukraine: Be My Guest sung by Gaitana
  8. Bulgaria: Love Unlimited sung by Sofi Marinova
  9. Slovenia: Verjamem sung by Eva Boto
  10. Croatia: Nebo sung by Nina Badrić
  11. Sweden: Euphoria sung by Loreen
  12. Georgia: I'm A Joker sung by Anri Jokhadze
  13. Turkey: Love Me Back sung by Can Bonomo
  14. Estonia: Kuula sung by Ott Lepland
  15. Slovakia: Don't Close Your Eyes sung by Max Jason Mai
  16. Norway: Stay sung by Tooji
  17. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Korake Ti Znam sung by Maya Sar
  18. Lithuania: Love Is Blind sung by Donny Montell

The live show of the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 will take place on Thursday 24th of May at 21:00 CET and will broadcast live on